Oct 172012

Since it was kind of windy and chilly yesterday, we decided it would be another good one to stay at home. We seem to be getting pretty good at that. I spent part of the day writing and got most of another chapter finished in my new book. It’s rolling right along, I just wish […]

MiFi And Mattresses

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Apr 272012

Several people have written to ask if the replacement for the 4G MiFi from Verizon is any better than the first one. So far, so good, but I’ve only had it for a couple of days now. But so far it hasn’t crashed yet and it has stayed locked onto the 4G signal with no […]

Feb 272012

Yesterday was a busy day for us, starting early and ending late. And we’re looking at a lot more of them before we’re done. I spent several hours printing out mailing labels, and Miss Terry was slapping them on envelopes as fast as they came out of the printer. We use Stamps.com to print our […]