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The Lou-Z-Boy Blues

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Jan 282022

In a blog post a few days ago I told you that the powered headrest on my La-Z-Boy recliner had stopped working. I called their service department and was referred to the extended warranty company, who said they would send out a replacement motor, and when it arrived I would have to call again to have them schedule a technician to come out and install it. A couple of days ago a package arrived, but it wasn’t any kind of motor, it was two pieces of plastic labeled Left and Right Swivel Assembly. I called La-Z-Boy and they said yes, that’s what I needed, not a motor. I’m not sure how they determined that, since nobody has looked at it, but at any rate they scheduled a technician to come on February 11th to fix it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a problem with the chair, as I wrote the other day. The operation has been clunky since the day I got it, and when I called their service department, they said it was normal and it would “wear in.” It’s only got clunkier over time. A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about the remote control not working and being stuck in the chair. Thanks to the extended warranty we purchased, they did send a replacement power cord for the remote control, and that seemed to solve that problem.

Then when I sat down in the chair yesterday and pushed the button to recline it, it lurched and there were some loud snapping noises, and it just stopped working. It wouldn’t move in any direction, so Terry and I turned it upside down and this is what we found. Half of the plastic mechanism that seemed to operate the recliner had shattered into pieces, and a bunch of grease or oil had been dumped on the carpet.

It looks like it came from this area, where the horizontal bar is.

So now I have a bag of broken parts, and I will be calling La-Z-Boy first thing this morning to raise holy hell. Yes, they will fix it under the extended warranty, but that’s not the point. Whatever happened to quality control? Whatever happened to pride in your products? I guess those days are long gone. I told Terry last night, and she agreed, that even after they fix the chair under warranty, I might just buy something else and give this to somebody who wants to deal with the constant problems.

On a happier note, my pal Bobbi Holmes just released The Ghost and the Church Lady, the 29th  book in her wonderful Haunting Danielle series about a bed and breakfast on the Oregon coast that is haunted by a previous owner who died long ago. Bobbi’s writing is always great, and I would love to sit down in my recliner and read her new book. But we know that’s not going to happen right now, don’t we? Order your copy of The Ghost and the Church Lady today. Better yet, if you are not familiar with Bobbi’s work, order every book in the series. You’re going to anyway once you get hooked, and you will. Don’t believe me? The first book in the series, The Ghost of Marlow House, is free on Amazon. Check it out!

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us. I guess somebody needs bail money.

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Thought For The Day If we’re ever in a “Don’t laugh” situation, you probably shouldn’t look over at me.

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Jan 132022

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We’ve been looking forward to it for quite a while now and it’s finally here. Today is the day that my daughter Tiffany and granddaughter Destiny arrive from our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona for a visit. Tiffany has been here a couple of times already, and we always have a great time with […]

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I am officially a fat old fart. Yesterday I was outfitted with a CPAP machine. I have had sleep apnea for years and it’s been getting worse over time. I was prescribed the machine several months ago, but like with so many consumer goods, there is a shortage of them and it just came in. […]

Not Worth The Risk

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Jan 102022

In yesterday’s blog I told you that we had gotten my pontoon boat out of the garage and onto the scissor trailer in anticipation of taking my daughter and granddaughter out on the water when they get here, as well as enjoying some fishing. The boat comes with two batteries, though it only needs one […]

We Have Been Busy

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Jan 092022

My daughter Tiffany and her daughter Destiny will be here in just a few days, and in the meantime, Terry and I have been very busy trying to get some things wrapped up before they arrive. So in today’s blog I will try to bring you up to date. I mentioned the other day that […]