Dec 082023

Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, was one of the world’s best-loved personalities during his lifetime, and even though he died over 100 years ago, he remains an icon in American literature today. Born in the small settlement of Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835, Samuel Clemens was the sixth of seven children born […]

One Tough Pioneer Lady

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Oct 272023

Note: This story is from my book Highway History And Back Road Mystery II. Arizona’s frontier history is populated with some of the best known names from the Old West. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Curly Bill Brocius, the Clanton gang, Johnny Ringo, Cochise, and Geronimo all wrote their stories with lead and blood on the […]

Cardboard Boat Museum

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Oct 072023

Whenever we can, we get off the interstate highways and travel the back roads of America. I’ve always said that a Grand Slam at a Denny’s in Paducah, Kentucky isn’t going to be any different than one at a Denny’s in Tucson, Arizona. And face it, just about every interstate highway exit in the country […]

Sep 152023

You can step back into the past and experience the South’s rural heritage at Horne Creek Living Historical Farm in North Carolina. Once the Hauser family farm, Horne Creek Farm is now a North Carolina State Historic Site, providing visitors a look at farm life in North Carolina’s northwestern Piedmont region in the early 1900s, […]

Nov 292022

Note: This story is from our days as fulltime RVers. Just a half hour drive south of busy and modern Tampa, Gamble Plantation Historic State Park preserves the historic Gamble Mansion, the last surviving antebellum plantation home in South Florida. Major Robert Gamble built his beautiful home between 1845 and 1850 as the center of […]

Nov 192022

Note: This is a repeat of a blog post from our days as fulltime RVers. As soon as the first European settlers arrived in the New World, conflicts for control of the land began between the newcomers and the Native people who had always called what would become America home. Conflicts that would result in […]

Jun 252022

While watching a documentary on the Civil War a few days ago, there was mention of an act during that bloody conflict that shows us that no matter how cruel and inhumane war is, there can also be amazing acts of sympathy and love for one’s fellow man. The small town of Fredericksburg, Virginia was […]

Chapel Of Ease

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Oct 242021

On a two-lane road on Saint Helena Island in South Carolina, we came across the ruins of a historic church that looked like it could be the setting for one of Edgar Allen Poe’s macabre stories. A bit of research revealed that the old church has an interesting history. The St. Helena Parish Chapel of […]

Sep 202021

We love getting off the interstate highways and taking the two-lane roads whenever we can. As I have said many times before, a Denny’s or a chain hotel at an interstate exit in Kansas is no different than one in Michigan or California. But the two-lane roads will take you to the real America. Small […]

Sep 012021

Note: I was busy all day yesterday making edits to my new John Lee Quarrels book and ran out of time for a blog, but here is a repost of a chilling blog from 2017. In my blog He Created Horror a few days ago, I told you about the life of Edgar Allan Poe […]

Douglas The Camel

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Jun 102021

Note: We find some of our best stories wandering around in old cemeteries. This one began with a visit to the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Animal mascots have been an important part of military life for centuries. Mascots became symbols of loyalty and courage and provided lonesome soldiers far from home something to care […]

The Outer Banks

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Jun 012021

Note: This is a blog post about one of our favorite places from our days as fulltime RVers. Terry and I drove to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. Most people think that the aviation pioneers made their first flights at nearby Kitty Hawk, but it was actually a couple of miles south at Kill Devil […]

The Lady Detective

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May 282021

Society in the 1800s made very clear distinctions between what was considered men’s work and what was women’s work, and policing and law enforcement were definitely men’s work. So when a young woman told Allan Pinkerton, the owner of the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency that she was looking for a job in 1856, he told […]

The Real McCoy

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May 072021

Florida has seen its share of outlaws, brigands, pirates, cutthroats, and smugglers, too. And I doubt few were as popular as Bill McCoy. Even today, old-timers who spent their life on or near the water remember hearing stories about him. Born in New York in 1877, William Frederick McCoy was the son of a man […]

Love Lost And Found

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May 012021

Today we take our cell phones and e-mail for granted, but there was a time not too long ago when none of that was conceivable to most people. During my own youth, a telephone was something that hung on a wall or sat on a stand in the living room, connected to a cord. If […]

Apr 192021

Note: This is a repost of a blog from 2014, about a visit to our favorite city. Miss Terry says I am head over heels in love with the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia, but I think that’s an exaggeration. Enthralled? Yes. Enamored? Sure. But head over heels? Yeah, that’s an exaggeration. A tiny exaggeration […]

Apr 132021

Free land! 160 acres of prime farmland to any man who wanted it! Who could resist such an offer? To millions of Americans stuck in crowded, dirty cities, many of them recent immigrants, it was the chance of a lifetime. The Homestead Act of 1862 has been called one of the most important pieces of […]

Dec 212020

Judge Roy Bean, the famous Hanging Judge from Langtry, Texas, was a larger than life Old West figure, and it is sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction when talking about his adventures. This is further complicated because Bean was a shameless self-promoter who made up plenty of wild tales about his exploits, and then […]

Dec 162020

Born into slavery, Sojourner Truth was a remarkable woman who threw off the shackles of oppression to become a leader in social reform in a time when any woman, let alone a black woman, had no business making a public statement. Named Isabella Baumfree when she was born near Kingston, New York in approximately 1797, […]

Can You Say Moo?

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Oct 052020

Montgomery, Alabama’s MOOseum offers a fun and interactive way for people of all ages to learn about Alabama’s beef cattle industry. Each year 10,000 school children and adults tour this unique hands-on educational museum, where they learn about the history of the beef cattle industry, the contributions the industry makes to society, and the many […]