Oct 172012

Since it was kind of windy and chilly yesterday, we decided it would be another good one to stay at home. We seem to be getting pretty good at that. I spent part of the day writing and got most of another chapter finished in my new book. It’s rolling right along, I just wish […]

Jul 022012

Yesterday was a good day to be an author. At least, it was a good day for me, as an author. 🙂 I started writing early yesterday afternoon, and except for a couple of short breaks I kept at it until about 10:30 PM. By the time I finally stopped, so I could start working […]

We’re Getting Close

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May 272012

The wind was blowing so hard Friday night and yesterday morning that I’m surprised our motorhome didn’t set off seismographs in California! It never let up for hours, and you could almost get seasick just sitting still, the motorhome was rocking so hard. We decided that we were going to skip the Memorial Day parade […]

May 102012

Miss Terry spent all day yesterday working on the backlog of paperwork we have been trying to get through, while I helped as much as I could. I really hate dealing with this end of our business. It’s all work and no fun at all. But I think we are seeing a faint glimmer of […]

Still A Lot To Do

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Apr 252012

Miss Terry has been working like a wild woman, and yesterday evening she got the last of the envelopes stuffed for the first load of Gypsy Journals, which we will be taking to the commercial mail service in Scottsdale this morning. I’m always amazed at how fast she can stuff those darned things. It’s good […]