Race Cars And Rabbits

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Mar 252012

Our last couple of nights here at the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park have been less than stellar. The fairgrounds is located right next to Tucson Raceway Park and Friday and Saturday night they had races going on. No problem there, I like racing. In fact, I even published a racing newspaper for a while, and part of our second date involved me leaving Terry in the grandstands while I was down in the infield of our town’s dirt track shooting photographs.

However, this is a drag strip and the last couple of nights they have been racing jet powered dragsters. Damn, those things are noisy! When they fired them up it would shake our entire motorhome, and it went on until well past midnight.

Saturday morning we woke up surrounded by cars parked all over the place for the rabbit show. That’s no problem, I like rabbits too. And they are a heck of a lot quieter than racecars!

By afternoon,  Terry and I both felt a lot better than we had been and wanted to get out for a while. So we rode into town with Greg and Jan and made a few stops to pick up some things they needed. Then we picked up my cousin Beverly and went to dinner.

This would be our last day with Greg and Jan for several months. They are leaving for Texas today and we will not see them again until late August, when they come to Celina, Ohio to help us with our Eastern Gypsy Journal rally. We’re going to miss them.

As for Terry and I, we have to be out of the fairgrounds RV park today but we are only driving about 10 miles to another park, where we plan to settle in for another week and do a whole lot of nothing except rest and try to recharge our batteries. There are a lot of people who asked if we can get together while we’re in town, and I’ve had to tell most of them that we just can’t do it this trip. We love you all, but we’re worn out and just need some downtime. I hope everybody understands.

I’m really hoping that at our new location we will have better Internet service from our Verizon air card and MiFi.  Using the new Wilson signal booster and antenna that I got from Phil May at TechnoRV, we’ve got a strong four bar signal, but the service is still so flaky that more times than not we can’t get on at all. I’ve been told that the official story is that Verizon is upgrading the towers in this area. That’s the same story I’ve heard everywhere from Bushnell, Florida, to Mission, Texas, Yuma, and now Tucson. If that’s true, then all of the stories we are hearing about massive unemployment must be a myth, because it would take the entire population of the country to be everywhere upgrading towers that the Verizon people claim are going up.

Thought For The Day – No one fails who has done their best.

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  6 Responses to “Race Cars And Rabbits”

  1. The same myth about Verizon upgrading their service applies here in Inverness, FL which is pretty close to Bushnell. All those Verizon workers must be invisible because I never even see so much as a Verizon truck on the local highways.

  2. That upgrading towers story must be the new industry buzzz! We got the same line from Sprint here in Yuma. The real issue is you can’t put 10 pounds of s— in a 6 pound bag. All the new smart phones took up more bandwidth than they have. Simple math?

  3. Our air card here in Ehrenberg is extremely slow, we are somewhat disappointed with it. Verizon folks only work at night on the sixth Sunday of the month. We are crossing our fingers that the one company in Quartzite is still open and they can come out and put a new Azimuth motor on the Data-storm this way we will have our big satellite up and running and only use the air card as a back when we are in trees the big satellite does not like trees, but we will have better service. Give Jan and Greg a big hug good-by and we will see you all in Celina in Sept. Travel safe

  4. And here in the beautiful Tuscarawas Valley of Ohio, Verizon is telling us that our problems are due to cuts in fiber optics. They will be repaired and everything will be fine ….. by last week 😉

  5. Hang rabbits in front of exhaust of the jet engines. Tastes like chicken. Problem solved!

  6. Sounds like maybe the newer 4G/3G Mifi card is the culprit, Nick. I was out the Fairgrounds park for a couple weeks earlier this month and my original 3G-only Mifi worked just fine, and it’s rarely has a problem at other places I travel around the country. But, I hear many complaints from folks with the newer Mifi 4G device. Wonder if you could find an original Mifi to try out? While I’d dearly love 4G speeds, I’m sticking with “slow and steady” for now.

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