Mar 242012

Tom and Barbara Westerfield had been here at the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park the last four nights, and yesterday morning it was time for them to head on down the road looking for new adventures. After they had pulled out of their site they stopped across from our rig to hook up their Jeep behind their motorhome. Greg and Jan and Terry and I went out to tell them goodbye.

Except for a brief departure of a couple of days while they went and had some work done on their diesel engine, we have spent a lot of time with Tom and Barbara over the last few weeks. They are on our advance crew and were in Yuma with us a week or so before the rally, and most of the time since then.

Tom Barb motorhome

After hugs all around, Tom and Barb pulled out and we went back inside our Winnebago. A big part of the fulltime RV lifestyle is saying goodbye, either to friends or family. But the good news is that the road runs both ways and we can always get back together again someplace in our travels.

Miss Terry had another miserable night Thursday, and by yesterday morning she was really feeling rough. But by the end of the day Friday I think she may have started to turn the corner, and she said she felt at least a little more human. For my part, I started coughing and getting a sore throat Friday morning. Oh what fun!

Except for making a quick run to the grocery store for some things we needed and some Zicam, I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. I needed gasoline in the Explorer and Fry’s has a gas station, but it was like a circus there. They were trying to pull up to the pumps from every direction at once, a couple of guys were screaming at each other, each accusing the other of cutting him off, and when one kicked the other’s door I decided I had seen all I needed to see. I drove a half mile up the road to a convenience store, pulled right up to the pump and filled up with no problem. And it was a penny a gallon cheaper!

A few days ago I reported that an agreement had been worked out with their creditors to allow the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana to keep the doors open. The museum’s historian, Al Hesselbart, told me yesterday that the Ingram family, one of the museum’s major creditors and benefactors, have agreed to match dollar for dollar up to $100,000 any donations that the museum receives between now and August to pay down their note with the bank.

Here is a chance for you to make a difference and help preserve a valuable asset to the entire RV community. I hope you’ll consider logging on to the Museum’s website to make a donation large or small. If everybody who reads this blog today would donate just $5, it can really make a difference. And all donations are tax-deductible, since the museum is a nonprofit foundation. Every year Al comes to our eastern Gypsy Journal rally  at his own expense and presents two or three seminars, and the museum always donates door prizes to our rallies. I think it’s time we give something back, don’t you?

Today is supposed to be our last day here at the Fairgrounds RV Park, since they are closing down to start getting ready for the Pima County Fair. I’m not sure why they’re running us all out this early since the fair doesn’t start until mid-April. I think they let us stay until the end of the month last year. Anyway, I think we are just going to go down the road a few miles to another RV park for a week or so. We’ll take the time to get some rest, spend a little more time with my cousin Beverly, and maybe even get to feeling better. That would be nice.

Thought For The Day – Life is not about what I’ve done, what I should’ve done, or what I could’ve done. It’s about what I can do and what I will do.

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  9 Responses to “Saying Goodbye To Friends”

  1. I hope to get to see the RV Museum one day, and I want it to be there when I can go. I made a donation.

  2. Nick, I tried to use Paypal to make a donation to the museum, but they don’t seem to take it. They should!

  3. I may get to Elkhart this summer, so I think I will make a donation to the Museum … just to make sure it is still there when I get there! We spent most of November and into January at a great campground just on the west edge of Tucson. Justin’s Diamond JRV Park is out Ajo way to San Joaquin Rd, and then about 2.5 miles up San Joaquin on the right. It is just next door to the Desert Trails RV park (and your GPS wants to take you in there, instead of another 50′ into Justins. Doc Justin is something of a character … great to talk to and has been everything from a Water Park owner to a State Representative (I think). The park property is right on the edge of the Pima County parkland, so you can easily walk out into the gorgeous desert with no effort at all. Photography is awesome. I would take a nice drive and check it out. Ooooh! Tiny’s Steakhouse & Saloon on Tues & Thurdsays for outtasight steak burgers! Go early! 5:30 at the latest, or you can’t sit down.

  4. Susan, sorry for no paypal-there is a secure donation feature on our website for all to use. many of us computer illiterate old farts dont use or know from paypal. just one more piece of digital clutter to further confuse us. We dont have Greg covering our back full time like someone else we all know and love.

  5. You may have saved a penny but the Fry drivers may have saved up to $1.00 a gallon, Buy groceries and get .10 cents off gas, the more you spend for the groceries, the more you save….

  6. We have friends that were going to stay at the Pima Fairgrounds and were told yes they would be open, then a few days later they were called and said they were closing and would not be available. Thank heavens full timers plans are in Jello and they were able to find a different park to stay in. Sure hope you both start feeling better. Please take it easy, well Terry anyway since I know you always try to take it easy. Just teasing both get better soon. We are at Colorado River Oasis in Erenhburt AZ just a few miles from Quartzite a very nice park with huge pull thru sites right on the river. We are only here a few days visiting with Bill and Mabel.

  7. oops just noticed fingers missed key, it is Ehrenberg AZ

  8. Museums are all a scam. They get their stuff donated for for free and then expect you to pay to go see it. I have a wonderful old 1950s camper that would look great restored and when I called the RV museum and offered it at a good price they said they only took free donations and if I restored it first they might look at it as a donation!!!

  9. $5 donated. It won’t go far towards covering the museum’s electric bill, property taxes, staffing, maintenance, ad infinitum, but every drop in the bucket helps, right?

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