Mar 262012

Yesterday morning Greg and Jan left the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park about 9:30, and we were up to see them off. There were a couple of rounds of hugs all around, and maybe a tear or two was shed, but we know we’ll see them again in late August when we meet up again in Celina, Ohio for our Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally. But we sure were sad to see them pull out.

But before they left, I got a couple of photos to remember them by. 🙂

 Greg RV

Greg Jan

It was a traveling day for us as well, but we weren’t going nearly as far. The fairgrounds was kicking all of the regular RVers out to start getting ready for the upcoming Pima County Fair, but we had decided to stay in Tucson another week to get some rest and hopefully get to feeling better. So we made reservations at a local RV park until next Sunday.

Now, I hope you’ll forgive me, but I’m going to whine and snivel for a moment. Terry and I have been on the go for weeks, and we are both worn out, sick, and exhausted. In fact, except when she was undergoing treatment for cancer years ago, I have never known Terry to be so miserable as she is right now. In another few days it will be time to start working on a new issue of the Gypsy Journal. Why is it rude for me to say we need a few quiet days just to ourselves to rest and recuperate?

Yesterday I made three people mad because I declined to get together with them. One has asked us four times, and he went off on me when I again said no, we’re just not up to playing hosts or guests, or going sightseeing. He and his wife didn’t come to the rally because they were too busy, but now they think we are snobs because we don’t feel up to visiting with them. Another couple demanded to know where we are staying, because if we wouldn’t come to them, they would come to us, and got mad because I would not tell them.

We really do care for our readers, and we appreciate your support and friendship. We really do. But sometimes part of friendship is giving somebody space when they need it. And right now, we really need it. I hope people will understand, but at the same time, I’m really tired of apologizing over and over because we can’t meet everybody’s expectations 24/7. So I’m not going to do it any more. We’re not snobs, we don’t think we’re better than anybody else, we’re not “suddenly rich” because of my books and don’t need our readers any more, as one of the people mentioned above said. We are the same people we’ve always been, just sick, tired and burned out. Take it for what it is and draw your own conclusions. And to the other nice folks who extended invitations, and were understanding and compassionate when we begged off, thank you. We will try to make time to get together somewhere down the road.

Okay, tantrum over, let’s get back to business. Sometimes people ask what fulltime RVers do everyday when we are not traveling. We do the same things people in sticks and bricks houses do – we read books, we watch TV, we go shopping, we work or volunteer, we worship as we choose, we visit family and friends, and we participate in our hobbies, to name just a few. My friend Jaimie Hall Bruzenak had an interesting post on the RV Lifestyle Experts blog about Affordable RV Retirement Hobbies. Check it out, you may pick up and idea or two.

Yesterday evening I got a phone call from Greg White, asking if I had jinxed him because I didn’t want them to leave us. Greg said they were coming into Las Cruces, New Mexico when their American Eagle just died. They coasted onto the shoulder, and tried to figure out what the problem was. Greg said his Silverleaf engine monitor said they had over 30 gallons of diesel left, but every indication was that they were out of fuel. He drove the truck to a nearby station and bought 10 gallons more, just in case, but the rig still wouldn’t start. He called CoachNet roadside assistance and a tech tried to talk him through re-priming the Cummins engine, all with no success. So they finally got towed into a garage, where they were spending the night. So if you don’t see a post on Greg’s blog today, don’t worry. They are safe, they have help, and hopefully today the problem will be fixed, whatever it is.

Thought For The Day – Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

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  18 Responses to “I’m Through Apologizing”

  1. I think you two need to take a 7 day cruise in the Carib so you can have some uninterrupted rest. No phone calls, door knockers,etc. Forget those rude people that think they need your attention.

  2. I’m thinking this may well be the price of fame. You can keep it…eeeew. Love our privacy and alone/down time when it’s necessary. People that can’t understand that need to have a lesson in manners and respect. Hope you are both feeling better real soon and are back to your ole self’s real soon. Bless ya and all you do!

  3. Nick,

    You are a victim of your own success. You work hard to become known and good at what you do, you do everything you can to make yourself accessible and accommodating.

    After a while, some folks take for granted that you’re always there for them, some not realizing that you still need a certain amount of down and private life and a few not caring.

    This is from my personal experiences (in totally arenas), unfortunately I don’t have a good universal answer.


  4. Been reading here awhile. You have made clear how ill Terry is. That in itself should have made any reasonable person understand you need time for just her to get well (maybe the people who got upset are getting a bit senile??)…and who on earth would want whatever she has (if it is catching). I consider people real friends who warn me when they are ill so I can stay away awhile! Hope both of your find plenty of quiet and rest for the next week.

  5. Nick,
    Anyone who can’t take no for an answer is not your friend. You do not have an obligation to fullfill everyone else’s needs. Take the time you need to re-charge your batteries and become the lovable curmudeon we all know and love! Hhpe you both feel better soon!
    Denise Gray

  6. So… does that mean that we arent going to get together for a visit?
    As I mentioned a while back.I am worried about you guys.
    Please, just disconnect and get some rest.

  7. Sometimes you just have to put yourself first and this is one of those times. No one should have to apologize for needing time to recharge the batteries. I agree who would want to spend time with you when you are sick and maybe contagious. Hope this next week is just what the doctor ordered!!!!!!

  8. The best thing you can do is take time for yourself. Otherwise you’ll never be able to “be there for others.” The people that don’t “get it” sound pretty needy and not people to spend much time with even if you were well, rested, and not busy! Hang in there and do what you need to do!

  9. Nick there is no reason for you to apologize to your true friends who know and love you. I am very worried about both of you.Please just get some rest and down time. Trouble seems to be running in sets. Bill and Mable left yesterday, did not get 10 miles out of town when they had a blow out, thank god at the time only damage was to the tire and one bay door that blew off. Later though while trying to put the darn door back on Bill hit his head and now is supporting a major headache with several stitches in his head. We were just happy it was not any worse. Mike and Bill spent a couple of hours in the local ER. Today they are replacing all the tires. Keep them in your prayers and thoughts.

  10. The people who should be apologizing are those who were rude to YOU.

  11. Nick;
    We have just made that life changing decision ourselves. Not so much of an issue with friends but family members. Seems like they all feel that since we travel in a motorhome we should be able to visit ALL of them at a time convenient to THEM! If we visit one child, the rest get rude about our not traveling to see them. We’ve decided we will only surprise them when it is within our schedule. If it doesn’t work for them, so sad! We just can’t please everyone and have given up trying. You should do the same. Good luck with that!

  12. Let it go. It’s obvious when you get that kind of reception that those people have never tried to organize anything as massive as you and Terry do and have no idea how exhausting it is. I get overwhelmed and tired just being in an art show and have only had organize smaller ones – I cannot even fathom what you two have created and pulled off. You deserve the rest and NEED the rest – don’t feel guilty for claiming what you need.

  13. So glad you are being assertive about taking care of yourselves. Too bad about those who choose to waste precious time being insulted.

  14. Good honest post; I’ve often wondered how you guys keep up the pace you do. My best to Terry.

  15. Would I like to spend some time with Nick and Terry? Sure.

    Would I expect them to meet us? No way.

    Years ago I had a business relationship with a very famous person. I was amazed at how many people tried so many different ways to try to get noticed by this celebrity. Many of them just made fools out of themselves –or worse. You seem to be noticing this syndrome as well.

    Get some rest. No apologies are needed.

  16. Here’s an idea: Take a real week off! No blog, let people know you are running away for a vacation (remember what those were?) and don’t tell them where you are going or what you’re doing. It will be hard for those who need their daily “Nick fix”, but you won’t be bothered, and it will be a REAL rest! Do it!

  17. I’m wary of people who cannot take “no” for an answer. I saw an interview with a security specialist once who said that that should be a big red flag that you are dealing with someone who is, at best, a manipulator, and possibly much worse. It makes sense when you think about it. Good friends, hell, good people, take the word “no” graciously and don’t continue to push. Some of these folks sound downright creepy.

    Hope you and Terry are feeling better soon.

  18. Not to worry Nick. It’s not out of line to want alone time. It’s not wrong to just want to rest and get to feeling good again. And if they are any kind of people with compassion or understanding then you don’t want to spend time with them anyway!! JMHO!!!

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