MiFi And Pumpkin Pie

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Oct 262011

I had an epiphany yesterday, which was pretty cool, because I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those before. Oh hell, let’s be honest, up until a week ago, I thought an epiphany was one of those hybrid foreign cars. :)  And they call me the wordsmith?

Anyway, back to my epiphany. Yesterday I realized that the people who run telephone companies like AT&T, Verizon, and such must have gone to the same business schools that the folks who run the RV industry did. Think about it. In both, they make all kinds of claims about how great their newest product is, and when you get it, the darned thing is a piece of junk. Then it’s your job to nag and cajole them into fixing the problem(s), or else figuring out how to live with it.

A good example is the Verizon MiFi I got last week. As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, the day I got it, speeds were incredible, but the next day it locked onto the much slower 3G signal, and would not automatically switch back to 4G like it is supposed to. And on 3G, it was actually slower than my Verizon air card! The folks at Verizon had all kinds of excuses, from that they are still expanding the system, to that I needed to download a firmware update, to “Ahh gee, I have no idea…”

Fortunately, I have great resources among you blog readers, and Wayne Paul left a comment on yesterday’s blog telling me how to manually switch the MiFi back to 4G. I followed his directions, and it worked! I guess I will have to manually switch it back to 3G when we’re not in a 4G area, but at least it works. Thanks Wayne!

Greg and Jan are leaving us today, to begin their winter trip back to Houston to spend the holidays with family, so we spent yesterday afternoon exploring the back roads of Amish country with them. A lot of leaves have already fallen, but the colors are still very vivid in some areas. The farmers were busy harvesting their crops, and at one place we stopped to watch an Amish farmer harvesting his corn with a four horse team. 

Amish corn harvest

In Shipshewana, we stopped at a store that had some neat looking baskets out front, and these Adirondack style lawn chairs in the back. They looked cool at first glance, but as we got closer, Miss Terry pointed out that they were all plastic, baskets and chairs alike. So much for fine Amish craftsmanship!

Eash baskets

Eash lawn chairs

We also stopped at E&S Sales, a bulk grocery store that is a popular with Amish and visitors alike. Miss Terry got some flour and other items she was looking for, but all of that shopping made me tired, so I crawled into this oversize hammock to take a nap. Getting in was a chore, but getting out was downright funny. At least Greg, Jan, and Terry thought it was funny! There is a rumor that they took a video of me thrashing around trying to escape the darned hammock, but threats of exposing some of their faux pas will hopefully keep it undercover. As my old man always used to tell me, knowing where the bodies are buried can come in very handy someday! 🙂

Nick hammock

We spent an hour or so at the Shipshewana Flea Market, but since it was late in the day and late in the season, there weren’t many vendors still set up. But Terry did get some apples, and Greg picked up a gizmo or two.

We spent another hour or two poking around the back roads and admiring the Amish farms, then stopped at El Maguey for Jan’s birthday dinner. Our friends Dave and Jean Damon, Jeanne Sparks and Eldon Tompkins, and Al Hesselbart met us there, and we had a great time eating and talking about the past summer’s travels, and the adventures that await us this winter.

Back at Elkhart Campground, we had another treat waiting for us. Jan loves pumpkin pie, so Terry had bought a pumpkin and made two pies from scratch. Man, were they delicious! That lady is a wizard in the kitchen!

Pumpkin 2

Pumpkin pies 2

Today we hope to get the last of the new issue in the mail, and then get ready to hit the road Thursday. It will be good to scratch our hitch itch!

Thought For The Day – In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

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  13 Responses to “MiFi And Pumpkin Pie”

  1. Pumpkin pie in the Fall.Mmmmm You know that you’r going to get comments on that! You did look very sedate in that contraption.Only you would have found it.
    Your Blog is something that I look foward to each day.I just don’t know how you get all of your experiences expressed,taskes finished and all of the other things that you do on a daily basis that you don’t find more of those places to just fall into. I know that I coulden’t do it.

  2. OMG. Pumpkin pie. We just started a diet (hubby’s already lost 10-20 pounds–grrr), but that pie would make me fall off the wagon. Never made pumpkin pie from scratch–will Miss Terry be posting that?

  3. Just how do you change manually from 4g-3g. We love our mifi but we have had problems in some areas that don’t have 4g yet. I think that is the same problem that you were having.

  4. Nick would you post how you put your Verizon MiFi into a manual switch between 3g and 4g. I don’t presently have one yet, but maybe a reader or two of yours have them and they might also like to know the “fix” seeing how Verizon themselves don’t know.


  5. Mark – It’s all about time management and setting priorioties, and being willing to sacrifice some things to have time for others. In my case, I gave up diet and exercise 🙂

    Bill and Fed – As Wayne explained it, on your computer log onto and login use the word “admin” then click on WWAN and then go down to the bottom of the box and click on More and change it from Global to LTE and click apply. To reverse the process, gonacl and click on Global.

  6. Ha Ha, I like that Nick, I am going to use the diet and exercise excuse from now on also!! thanks for the info on the Verizon stuff!! and keep up the good work on keeping Miss Terry busy making that great food, I know it is a tough job but someone has to do it!!

  7. Went through the same crap with Verizon. The kids working there are all nitwits. They love the toys but have no clue as to how they work

  8. You looked just to comfortable in that hammock. It looks like it would be nice on our patio, just do not know where we would haul it in. Those pies sure look good, Nick you are a very lucky man to have Terry as your wife.

  9. Like the other posters, I was confused SO I called Verizon. I think we are talking apples and oranges – there are (at least) 2 devices that people are calling MiFi.

    Nick, could you confirm which device you are using ? Verizon thinks you may be using a device that is known as the 4500L MiFi. I suspect many of us, who are confused with these instructions, are using the Samsung SCH-LC11 “4g Hotspot” that we also conveniently call a “MiFi”.

    If you are using the Samsung LC11, as I am, you will not see the ability to force into 4g mode as described above. You can force it by going to: Configuration / Setting / 3g-4g Network and unchecking Auto Connect Enable. Now, the down side: if the 4g network is not working, the device will be unable to auto enable into 3g mode. So, think carefully about doing that. I have seen my Samsung LC11 try to start in 4g, switch to 3g, then later switch back to 4g mode. Thus, I think I will leave it alone.

    Hope this clears up the confusion… I learned something today and while I have tried to label my device as the Samsung LC11, I will always call it the “4g hotspot” instead of MiFi from now on…

  10. You are right, Breck, I have the 4510L, not the Samsung

  11. Nick, I have to tell you about plastic baskets. They are made for the outside. I have several of them .They last for years! Your thought for the day was right -on!!

  12. I forgot to add that if people are accessing their wireless device using ADMIN as a password, it’s entirely possible that they have not “locked down” the device with a unique password to get into the administration pages. We changed the password, set up our own SSID, and while we allow the SSID to be broadcasted, we do have a password and encryption required to link up to the device. It would be worthwhile to check to be sure you have not left your wireless device in an OPEN access status. (I can see 7 different wireless routers around me right now, but all are LOCKED… imagine if your device was left unlocked… oops.

  13. Nick you would have to manually go from LTE to global. Also if for some reason it would still not work right, i had to turn off my computer and back on to make it work.

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