It Won’t Be Long Now

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Oct 252011

Happy birthday to our friend Jan White! We are thrilled to get to be a part of your special day, Jan, and we are blessed to have you as our friend. We love you.

We only have a few days left here in Elkhart, before we start our winter travels. Terry is finishing up the new mailing, and once that’s done, we’ll be making tracks southward. We have to stop at Cruising America RV Service, in Celina, Ohio to have them change out a bad holding tank valve, and if we can still get in there by the end of the week, we’ll probably leave here Thursday. If they can’t get to it until Monday, we may stay here at Elkhart Campground until Sunday. I’ll know more after I talk to Kevin Mallory at Cruising America today.

We are really looking forward to being on the road again, because we have hitch itch, and because it’s really starting to cool down here in northern Indiana. In fact, it’s downright cold!

Keeping in mind that our plans are always set in Jello, we’ll stop in Celina for a day to get the valve replaced, and then make a long day’s run to the Escapees campground at Raccoon  Valley, just north of Knoxville. That’s a distance of 365 miles, which a lot of RVers say is too much driving for one day, but when we’re in “get there mode,” rather than “relaxed travel mode,” we don’t mind a day like that.

From Raccoon Valley, we’ll stop at Maggie Valley, North Carolina to check out the Wheels Through Time transportation museum, which I’ve wanted to see for years, and then we’ll continue down through South Carolina and Georgia, and end up in Titusville, Florida on or just after the first of the month. We plan to hang around Florida until mid-January, and I really hope to get some fishing done this winter, if the weather cooperates. I mean, they can’t have two cold and miserable winters in a row, can they? Let’s hope not. 

Before I forget, I want to thank our pal Michele Henry from Phoenix Commercial Paint for touching up the graphic stripe on the front of our Winnebago motorhome. It had picked up some rock chips and was looking kind of rough, but she did a good job of making it all better.

A couple of days ago, I wrote that I had picked up one of the Verizon 4G MiFi devices, and that I was very impressed with its speed. Well, the honeymoon didn’t last very long. I got the unit in the evening, and by the next morning, it had switched to 3G and it hasn’t been anywhere near as fast since then. In fact, it’s actually been as slow or slower than my Verizon air card.

I went online and downloaded an update that Verizon suggested, but have not seen any difference in performance. We’re still in the same 4G spot where we were when I bought the MiFi, it just won’t pick up the 4G signal. So I guess it’s time to go back to Verizon and have a chat with them and see what they have to say. It came with a fourteen day return policy, so I can get rid of it if it won’t do the job. I know there is not 4G service everywhere, and can live with the 3G in areas where it isn’t available, but when it is available, I want to have the benefits of the faster 4G speeds. I’ll keep you updated on the situation as it progresses.

Thought For The Day – Hardening of the heart ages people more quickly than hardening of the arteries. – Frank Field

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  10 Responses to “It Won’t Be Long Now”

  1. Nick they tell you it’s 4G but I had a tower 250 yards away & still never got 4G
    then they say well it will be ready in a couple of weeks never happened

  2. Have fun at Maggie Valley. We spent over 2 months in that area this summer and loved every minute of the time while we are there. There is a great deal to do there as well as enjoy the delightful weather. If you are not there long, for your benefit of your stomach, try Joey’s for breakfast. They are open only for breakfast and they are closed on Thursday morning. Also Bogart’s in Waynesville is a good place for lunch or dinner. Have fun!

  3. I attended a talk at the Escapees rally this summer where a Verizon employee answered questions about 3G, 4G, and other subjects. He said that Verizon was switching out their entire system to 4G and would have it done by next summer. I’ll believe it when I see it but it would be nice to be able to have 4G everywhere that you can get a Verizon signal.

  4. Too bad about the 4G, looking forward to all the updates though; hopefully good news updates!

  5. Verizon is working on their network and there are times where we can’t get 4g also even within the 4g area. We worked closely with their tech support and I’m fairly confident that they are addressing the issues on the network side. My Samsung LC-11 would not connect, then connect, then drop to 3g, then speed up to 4g. I’m currently at the latest software (EF 07) so we’re watching the situation. However, my phones see the same network issues and do not always run 4g – ask Greg to test using his Charge and see what happens. But after 6 months of using the Samsung mifi, I feel it’s not the device… when it’s running 4g, it’s incredible.

  6. Patience grasshopper!

  7. We are about 4 miles from you. I have a 4G air card. Until last week I was on 3G, then it started switching over to 4. For a couple of day, it was back and forth between the two. So even thought it says 4G now, it’s not working very well. I keep getting kicked off. When we were at the Elkhart Camp Ground, I couldn’t even use the air card. I was getting kicked off constantly, so I just used their WIFi.

  8. Nick, on your miff you can see settings. On your computer log onto and login use admin click on WWAN and then go down to and click on More and change it from global to LTE and click apply and see if that will help you.

  9. That worked Wayne, thanks!!!

  10. Just got a chance to comment on this post! If you do get the chance to visit Wheels Throigh Time, you will never forget it. We were there threeyears ago and had a wonderful time. It’s not called “the museum that runs” for nothing. Every vehicle in the place is in working order, and they ran some of them for us. The owner’s love of motorcycles is apparent throughout the buildings. Have a great time!

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