And We’re Off!

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Oct 272011

Yesterday morning we said goodbye to Greg and Jan as they pulled out, headed for Houston, Texas by way of the Thousand Trails preserve in Batesville, Indiana, and a couple of other stops along the way. Except for a couple of weeks here and there, we have been traveling together since our rally in Yuma back in March. There are very few people we could do that with, but all four of us just seem to mesh, and it works. Saying goodbye is always a part of the fulltime RV lifestyle, but the good news is that we know that we will always cross paths with folks somewhere down the road.

Terry and I spent part of the day getting more envelopes stuffed, and then we made a run to the post office to mail them off. Of course, we managed to get a new clerk who was learning on the job, and he still had a lot to learn. The clerk at the next station had to stop what she was doing to answer his questions on just about every envelope, and I’m sure the folks in line behind us didn’t appreciate the delay, but what can you do? We use  for a lot of our mailings, but there are some things that require a trip to the post office, and it never seems to go fast. 

From the post office, we drove to Office Max to send out boxes of envelopes to different mail forwarding services that many of our subscribers use. While we were out, we also stopped at RV Surplus to see if a ceiling light fixture we had ordered had come in, but Trina said it was out of stock from her supplier, so we’ll have to try to order one online when we get to Florida.

It was a cold and dreary day, and it felt like it could snow at any minute. We’re not sorry to be leaving this part of the country. We had hoped to get back up to Muskegon, Michigan to see my cousin Berni and her husband Rocky, but we have an appointment tomorrow morning at Cruising America RV Service in Celina, Ohio to get our black tank valve replaced. I thought (hoped) we had solved the problem when we took it in a couple of weeks ago, after our Ohio rally. They replaced the cable that connects the valve to the T-handle, but as it turns out, the valve itself also needs to be replaced.

Depending on what time they get the work done on Friday, we may push on, or we may spend a second night in Celina. I’m eager to get into warmer weather, which I don’t think we’ll find until we’re in South Carolina or Georgia. Note to self – next year, head south much sooner!

Since I’m not sure what kind of internet access we’ll have once we leave Celina, I let Bad Nick have the keyboard for a while yesterday to post a new Bad Nick Blog titled A House Divided. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson.

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  1. Maybe we can arrange a meet up around St. Augustine as you travel south.

  2. Safe travels, you are leaving just in time, they are forecasting a dusting of snow thru out the Midwest and you know how those predictions can go, they really mean it will snow a few inches or worse.

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