A Refugee Feeling

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Oct 082016

Miss Terry and I are getting a very small taste of what it must be like to be a refuge from a natural disaster. While we are fortunate to have full hookups here at Beaver Lake Campground in Quincy, Florida, the place is filled with RVs of every shape and size with folks forced inland by Hurricane Matthew.

The people who own this RV park also operate a gas station and small convenience store. In fact, you go to the store to register for the campsites. When I went up yesterday to renew for a couple more days, the parking lot was filled with cars and people standing around like they were in a daze, wondering where to go and what to do.

Every local hotel room in nearby Tallahassee is taken, every RV park in the area is full, and yesterday the local news said the WalMart and a lot of other parking lots are filled with RVs, and with people sleeping in their cars. The news said that while the folks with RVs had a place to sleep, many of them had not been able to fill their water tanks before they hit the road. This is why we always keep our fresh water tank at least half full, and usually completely full, just in case.

Of course, there are also the slugs who try to scam somebody any chance they get. The store manager said someone had come in and bought two 12 packs of beer and taken them out to his car, and then his wife came in with two little kids and said they were evacuees with no food or money, asking if she could have some milk and other things to feed her babies. She also said there are couple of locals who came in with the same story, claiming their home in St. Augustine had been washed away and asking for a handout. She said they live a couple of miles from here and do it after any kind of disaster.

We haven’t seen any rain at all here, just some cloudy skies when we woke up yesterday morning. By a little after noon the clouds had blown away and we had blue skies and a pretty stiff breeze blowing, but that’s as bad as it has been.

I spent the day working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, while Terry was researching some things on the Internet, doing some laundry, and made a delicious dinner of pasta with Italian sausage and homemade sauce. She also made a big batch of peanut butter cookies Friday night. Being stuck here while we wait for things to clear up back on the coast could be very hazardous to my waistline!

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  1. Glad you guys are safe we were came home to Cocoa fl and our side of the park had minimal wind damage
    But over on the beach is another story I’m sure the news will do a whole series on it but one of the things you really need to look out for now is scammers unlicensed people tell you that there a contractor all work under somebody else’s license take your money upfront and run it’s one thing to hire your neighbors kid to clean your lawn but anything beyond that due diligence check check with your county officials to tell you whether he’s licensed and bonded or not.
    If you have insurance have the insurance adjuster recommend someone
    Always,,, remember ,,, cheaper is not always better ,,, enjoy your day

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