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Oct 072016

I got an email yesterday from somebody who is a little south of Titusville, Florida, right in the path of Hurricane Matthew. He said that he didn’t think the storm was going to be as serious as everybody was warning and he had planned to stay put until the RV park owners left and said he had to go, too He said he had less than 1/4 tank of gas in his motorhome and there was none to be had in the area, and asked me if I could recommend the safest way for him to ride out the storm where he is.

I wrote back and told him that he can’t. They are talking about mobile homes being destroyed, sticks and bricks houses being flattened, and a massive storm surge following the 130+ mile per hour winds. If he stays there in a motorhome it might well become his coffin. If I were in his place I would start driving west as fast as I could and keep going until the RV ran out of gas. Then I’d jump in my toad and keep right on going.

It’s amazing how many people think they can stick their heads in the sand and just ignore what’s happening around them and it will all be okay. I am so glad we got out of the Daytona Beach area when we did. When we arrived here at Beaver Lake Campground in Quincy on Tuesday afternoon there only about three RVs here. Now the place is packed, as is every campground anywhere in the region.



We are about 20 miles west of Tallahassee and it doesn’t look like we will lose power here, but just in case, before we left Daytona Beach I dumped our waste tanks, filled the freshwater tank, and when we got here I topped off our tank with diesel. If we have to, we can get by just fine for well over a week.

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, but every news report says that this is going to be the worst storm to hit the coast in years. And it’s not just here in Florida. They have mandatory evacuations all the way up into the Carolinas. Wherever you are in the country, please send your prayers and positive vibes toward the east coast. There are millions of people in harm’s way and they need all the help they can get.

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  8 Responses to “You Can’t”

  1. 6 am from Titusville. Have been through many hurricanes, wouldn’t stay here if in an RV or near the beach. We are at our house in T’ville on the mainland behind TWO barrier islands. Wind gusts 40 to maybe 50s mph. No – wind will NOT be sustained at 130-140 mph. Agree with being safe but not hysterical about storm. Electricity and satellite TV working here now. May lose power but FPL(Florida Power & light) good company. RV in covered port full of fresh water, empty black and gray tanks and plenty of diesel for generator. Have frozen food in RV refrig/freezer just in case. Glad you went to another part of Florida but be sure to WATCH because hurricanes are UNPREDICTABLE and may come your way. So when you think about WHERE you want to get your home base Titusville is one of the very best places to be in Florida especially during a hurricane.

  2. At present time we are in the middle of Fl. Less than 1 inch of rain and I doubt if we had any wind gusts over 30 MPH. Feel safe in our Park Model. Basically Mathew is North of us and the main threat in over for now, and I say that as we don’t know what it will do early next week.

  3. Nick, I think if he is in Titusville he better head WEST, or that east trip would be awfully wet, even without the Matthew threat.

  4. I don’t understand the “let’s ride it out thought process”. With wave heights over 30 feet and high tide, it’s not just the winds you have to worry about. The river is expected to rise over 11 feet. I’d much rather be sipping a glass of wine three hundred miles away knowing I’m not going to have to deal with power outages, flooding or death!!

  5. The world is full of future Darwin Award winners. 🙂

  6. Northern part of Palmbay west of 95 had power all night these branches twigs broken in the yard no trees have fallen north of Palm Bay all the way up to Titusville no power along 95 at 9 o’clock on the drive back home to Cocoa Finally got power on about 1230 about the only damage I could see in my park was the lower skirting around the Mobile house maybe. Five or six
    At our park we have a 60 acre lake which was 100% filled prior to the hurricane we probably got another 3 or 4 inches of more water but still no flooding at this point
    We had a lot of rain prior to the hurricane with the water no place to go now with the hurricane came through we got a lot of standing water with nowhere to go
    So for those that wanted to play diehard and ride it out that’s your choice it’s still better to air on the Side of caution and for those that left it was really a smart move. so Nick if you decide you’re going to come back to MSB my suggestion is wait about a week To let things get back to normal and clean up and hopefully dry up

  7. Want to explain about “the river.”
    People east of the Indian River (it’s really a lagoon which is ocean water trapped behind barrier islands) were told to evacuate. That area is SAND. Cocoa cut off the water and sewer to Merritt Island and the beaches islands (Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach).This area is low and prone to flooding. The bridges were closed. People were allowed to return this afternoon (Oct 7)
    The St. Johns River is a fresh water river that runs north up to Jacksonville and empties into the Atlantic ocean. The St Johns is west of I-95. Anyone living on the “mainland” which is the city of Titusville, Cocoa, Melbourne were NOT told to evacuate. This area is higher and not prone to flooding.
    The real problem is that Jacksonville is where the St Johns River goes into the Atlantic Ocean and is very low. It’s prone to flooding.
    We did not have 11 foot surge and waves here even at the beaches. There will be damage to the dunes and houses due to wind, rain and some flooding.
    While the Cape (out by the ocean) had a 106 mph gust, the gusts here in west Titusville were between 50-60 mph. Sustained winds were 35-40 mph. Only real damage here is lots of palm fronds down and some tree limbs. Some large trees down around town. Biggest problem is no electricity. But have RV, have generator, refrig, hot water heater, etc.
    Orlando had some wind and rain. Curfew raised at 2 pm this afternoon. Little damage. Most problems are electricity out in some areas
    TV is showing you the worst cases of what is happening. And it’s happening on the barrier islands and beaches. Since most of your audience Nick is in RVs they should have evacuated. An RV or mobile home is not designed to handle winds. Those of us in houses have choices and many of us decided to stay on the MAINLAND.

  8. Right on the rivers, I know that is the Indian River but sometimes the fingers have a mind of their own! Bottom line is my granddaughter was just west of the evacuation zone map published here:

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