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Oct 172015

We’ve seen a lot of subscribers come and go in our sixteen years of publishing the Gypsy Journal, and we’ve seen a lot of fulltimers hit the road and later hang up the keys. Some try it for a few months and decide it’s not for them, others travel for a few years and settle down someplace, and for others the lifestyle is great but some event forces them to make a change.

We’ve known people who stopped fulltiming because of the death of a husband or wife, their own health issues, or because aging parents needed constant care. Financial issues have caused some to settle down and often go back to work. Another reason that we’ve heard more than you might think is because somebody (usually the wife) misses the grandkids and can’t handle being away from them for long periods of time. Or, and we heard this more than once, they are getting off the road to care for grandchildren because for whatever reason their parents cannot or will not.

But this week I heard from somebody who told me she guaranteed me I had never heard of the reason she and her husband were getting off the road. And when I tell you, some of you are going to shake your head and swear that Nick is telling tall tales, but it’s true (because you can’t make this stuff up). They’re getting off the road because her husband misses his ex-wife.

Yep, I needed an explanation for that, too. It seems that hubby and his first wife were friends from the time they were in grade school, got married after high school, and after a couple of years (and no kids) decided that marriage wasn’t working for them so they got divorced but have remained best friends ever since. The current wife said she knew that going in, and she and her husband have been married over fifteen years and she accepted the fact that they were very close, loved each other platonically, and were indeed best friends. She said they had lunch together at least once or twice a week and it was never a problem. But since they’ve been fulltiming, her husband misses those visits and having his best buddy there. So, to put him out of his misery, they’ve decided to park the motorhome and get off the road.

Now, I’m not passing any judgments, whatever works for you is not my business. But I think if I was in that situation Miss Terry would definitely be happy to put me out of my misery, if you know what I mean.

We got the new issue of the Gypsy Journal in the mail yesterday, and I’m sure glad that’s over with. Now we get to play. I like playing!

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Thought For The Day – A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

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  8 Responses to “That’s A New One!”

  1. You have probably heard this one, but the reason I try to keep our marriage strong is that my lovely and caring wife boes not believe in divorce, murder yes, but not divorce.

  2. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, his wife is very understanding, because she is changing her life style too for his friend.

  3. Good grief! It’s a sick world we live in! My hubby would be G O N E!, and we won’t say what I would do…. 🙂

  4. I think it’s beautiful actually… on all three parts. Not all relationships are cut and dry. Divorce doesn’t always mean the end of the relationship or initial love that was there.. so kudos to all for lovingly honoring the connections.

    Both Chris and I have remained close friends with exes, and we regularly integrate in visits during our travels to spend time with them. Some of our exes are some of our closest friends today, and I hope it always remains that way.

  5. Lol,his current wife is a saint,enuff said.

  6. I can’t believe that the ex is now such a “friend” that the present wife is giving up what she enjoys (full timing) just so he can have lunch once a week with his “friend.”
    That’s not friendship that obsession. Weird.
    We believe that your spouse comes first before friends. And my hubby is not only my spouse but he is my best friend. No one is more important that he is to me. So while we both have friends and enjoy their company, we are most important to each other. Perhaps others look at marriage differently but our marriage has lasted 38 years and is still going strong. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  7. Not nearly as odd as you think. My ex husband and I are truly best friends. We see each other at least once or twice a week, talk on the phone almost every day and hang out together. We have both been married to other people and learned that neither of us is marriage material to each other or anyone else. There is no sexual relationship, which is what most people assume. We’re just best pals without any of that tension between us. Let me add that anytime either of us gets into a relationship we make it clear to that person that we are a package deal and if they can’t handle our friendship to walk away and save us all a lot of grief.

  8. We all need friends of both sexes…but to change one’s lifestyle in order to be able to see an ex…makes no sense really. I feel sorry for the 2nd wife!! Seems she is getting the worst of that deal. Heh…yea Nick a man ought to worry some how his wife might react to such a thing. I am very sharing of everything, except my husband. Yea, could write a book on how well we share our married kids with their in-law families…we don’t come near half even…maybe less than 5% with one set. I wanted my kids to be married into families that loved them…just never thought it might mean they mostly had zero time for us. Oh well…this life is short…and I am grateful for some mighty nice friends!! Thanks for sharing these stories people tell you…helps to make one more grateful for their own life!!

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