A Busy Birthday

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Oct 162015

Somebody playing bongo drums woke us up about 7:30 yesterday morning. I’m a music lover, but really, 7:30? I mean, it was a little better than the recorded Reveille I heard at Army bases when I was a young soldier but still, bongos at 7:30?

Thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday with your blog comments, e-mails and Facebook posts. We spent the day fighting with our mailing list program and stuffing envelopes with the new issue of the Gypsy Journal so I did not have time to reply to each of you individually, but I read all of your messages and they made me feel very special.

I swear gremlins were hard at work in our place yesterday. I don’t know what the problem was, but when I tried to print the labels from the mailing list everything seemed to go crazy. It kept dropping names, scrambling addresses, and when I finally printed them out some pages didn’t print and others printed in duplicate.

We spent all day and late into the evening working on the mailing, taking a break about 5:30 to go to The Great Wall, an excellent Chinese restaurant in Gearhart, for dinner. This morning we’ll take the envelopes to the post office and get them on their way to our remaining print subscribers. We have one more printed issue to go, and we sure won’t miss the hassles.

I had hoped to get our new LED tubes installed to replace our old fluorescent lights yesterday, but with the problems with the mailing that had to get pushed back to another day. We’ve still got a few days before we leave here, and with the mailing behind us it shouldn’t be a problem.

And on a serious note, I’ve heard from two blog readers in different parts of the country recently who have lost young dogs to parvovirus. In both cases they say they believe their pets picked up the disease when visiting dog parks. Canine parvo is a terrible disease that can be prevented by making sure your pets are properly vaccinated. Pet MD advises that young puppies should be vaccinated at six, nine, and twelve weeks, and should not be socialized with outside dogs until at least two weeks after their last vaccinations.

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Thought For The Day – Living day to day without committing a felony is harder than you might think.

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  7 Responses to “A Busy Birthday”

  1. I failed to wish you a Happy Birthday yesterday so …..Happy Birthday Nick—-At our age I feel we can celebrate as long as we want!!

  2. Happy belated birthday from us both, just trying to help you stretch it out another day, we were busy at the fair most of the day. T& BnaRv

  3. You stupid people buy into this crap because the drug companies tell you to. I never vaccinated my kids or my dogs and none of them died. All you are doing is making them rich.

  4. Happy Birthday! Be happy Harry Belfonta wasn’t next to you singing at 7:30am

  5. Glad you had a great birthday, we made it to Livingston and after trying many sites so we can get out satellite ll set up now, We will be here a week. Then finally home to Hondo for the winter. The door is always open and friends to welcome you.

  6. Actually Mr. Frank you’re the The one that is stupid obviously you’ve never had kids because you can’t get kids in the school without a vaccination chart which is mandatory and all schools public and private
    As for your dogs you can’t take tham into a vet or a kennel or get a license for them You can’t cross into any foreign country without shot records
    There is a host of other restrictions that are mandatory to have shots human or dog I might suggest you engage your brain before you engage your fingers

  7. A be-lated Happy Birthday Nick wish you all the best. Iam catching up on all things computer as I am on the road doing RV delivery. Was reading that you are anticipating coming thru CA on your way back to AZ. Just a heads up, it is a mess down here right now so due diligence will by required to anyone going into southern CA for the next few months as they recover from the mud and rain.

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