Don’t Stay, Go!

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Sep 102018

After reading yesterday’s blog in which I said we didn’t plan on evacuating our home here on the Florida coast unless a real biggie of a hurricane is headed our way, I was surprised by the fact that I got not one, not two, not even four, but five emails from people yesterday who are at RV parks in the path of Hurricane Florence on or near the Carolina coast asking me if I thought they should do the same thing – just ride it out.

Hell, no! Trust me, RVs offer little or no protection from violent weather. You have wheels under your house. Take it and get as far inland as you have to go to get out of the hurricane’s path. Pretend you’re a gazelle and that the storm is a pride of lions coming at you. Run, gazelle, run!

It’s not just the wind and rain and flooding that will come with the storm; even if you and your RV somehow escape major damage, you are going to be in an area where facilities such as power and water may not be restored for days, or even weeks. And there will be roads closed, power lines and trees down all over the place, which could make it difficult to leave afterwards.

Not only should you go, but don’t wait until the last minute. If we were in that area in an RV, we would be heading out this morning. The longer you wait, the worse the driving conditions are going to be, the worse the traffic jams are going to be, and the harder it may be to find fuel.

We were still living in our motorhome when Hurricane Matthew came through here two years ago and we went inland to the Tallahassee area until the storm was gone and power was restored. Because we left several days before the storm made landfall, we were able to find a full hookup RV site in a small campground just off of Interstate 10 where we were quite comfortable. People who left this area even a day later than us ended up spending their time in parking lots of Walmarts and other big-box stores. Why do that for several days if you don’t have to?

Even here, over 550 miles south of where this Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall, we are seeing very high surf and rough seas. Not to mention horrendous rip tides. But still people insist on getting out in the water and playing. That foolishness cost one person his life yesterday in New Smyrna Beach when a swimmer drowned in the treacherous water. Don’t allow yourselves to become statistics when you have the option to outrun the storm.

Congratulations Rich Klein, winner of our drawing for an RV camping journal donated by Barbara House. Barbara makes several variations of these, and they all have pages where you can list the date, weather, where you traveled to and from that day, beginning and ending mileage, campground information including amenities at RV sites, a place for a campground rating, room to record activities, people met along the way, reminders of places to see and things to do the next time you’re in the area, and a page for notes for each day. We had 92 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross a street, and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  3 Responses to “Don’t Stay, Go!”

  1. It is scary that RVers are even asking if they should stay or go. Sheesh!

  2. If people are adult enough to have an RV they should have the common sense to know their rig is no match for a hurricane. What are they thinking?

  3. Yikes! You are in a house on wheels and still have to wonder if you should leave? Your advice was spot on and I hope your encouragement of finding a full service site motivates them to start rolling soon.

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