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Mar 152016

It’s always fun to meet our readers and make new friends, and that’s just what we got to do yesterday. Sometime in the early afternoon there was a knock on our motorhome’s door and I opened it to find Terry and Diane Pyatt standing there. They introduced themselves and Terry said he is a devoted blog follower. They are parked in the next line of RVs over from us. I invited them in and we had a nice visit.

Terry and Diane come from North Carolina and have been fulltiming for three years now, though they been camping for much of their married lives in everything from pop-up campers to travel trailers to fifth wheels, and now a diesel pusher. They were very nice people, and I was flattered when Terry told me that he seldom reads books, but that he’s hooked on my Big Lake mystery series. Diane said she doesn’t read the blog but she doesn’t have to, because Terry does every day and tells her everything that’s in it. Talk about an ego boost for this fat old guy! Thanks for stopping by Terry and Diane.

Terry and Diane are the kind of people we would have liked to have spent more time with, but we’re leaving Three Flags RV Resort today, headed back to the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve for another two week day. Somebody asked if it wasn’t a pain to have to move every couple of weeks, and yes it can be at times. But the trip is less than an hour and we get a full hookup RV site for five dollars a night. That’s worth a little bit of inconvenience, don’t you think?

I got an email from a reader the other day who is about at the end of her rope. She said this is their second winter as snowbirds here in Florida, and she hasn’t seen anything but their RV park and the grocery store. Apparently she doesn’t drive, and she said her husband doesn’t want to do anything once they arrive except sit in their RV and watch TV. The only time he wants to go anywhere is when they do their weekly grocery shopping, and she said he grumbles about that.

Florida is an interesting state with so much to see and do. I wonder why anybody would even bother to get an RV and come south for the winter if they’re never going to poke their head out the door anyway? I didn’t know what kind of advice to give the woman, but I think if I was in her shoes I would either learn to drive or make a change in my living arrangements.

Couples really need to learn to communicate and discuss what they both want from the RV lifestyle. In the seminars I do on fulltime RVing at rallies, one of the biggest complaints I hear over and over from women is that their husbands want to drive 400 miles a day, spend the night in a WalMart parking lot, and do the same thing again the next day, never stopping to see anything along the way or even to take a break. What fun is that?

Thought For The Day It’s better to be single wishing you were married than married wishing you were single.

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  4 Responses to “Making New Friends”

  1. The woman who emailed you should get out in and around the park and the club house. It shouldn’t take her long to connect with people that would not mind her tagging along on a couple of sight seeing trips. Once the word gets out she should have trouble finding friends to tag along with. Either the husband joins in or not. But it works for her problem. The question I have is why the husband doesn’t venture out? Doesn’t have the energy? Doesn’t have the confidence to drive in traffic? Doesn’t know where to go? It shouldn’t be that he doesn’t want to be with her because that is what he gets sitting in front of the TV. Another question is why she can confide in you and from the sounds of it does not communicate effectively with her spouse. The again maybe she has tried to communicate, but does not have the raw material for an effective communication.

  2. I’m the woman who e-mailed Nick. My husband has always been a couch potato all of our married life. He parked himself in front of the TV every night and never moved and all weekend. But at least he got up and went to work. Since he retired 3 years ago he got worse. It not a health or mental issue he is just lazy and admits it. He says he worked all his life and now that he is retired he doesn’t plan to do a thing but relax. The only reason we got the camper was to get away from the cold and so he would not have to shovel snow. I have macular degeneration and can’t drive but I think I should do what Jim McManus said and make some friends here in the RV park to do things with. He said go for it just leave him out of it.

  3. Most large RV Parks have outings and you can go on even to the gambling casinos you don’t have to gamble but is get you out of the rv.
    Put a notice on the bulletin board that you’re bored you like to get out you want to make friends and go gallivanting with other females even if it’s to the grocery store
    And you might be willing to buy ice cream
    Sign up for Uber (you do need a smart phone )(and it doesn’t cost anything to you to join ) they’re cheaper than a taxi you can go twice is far on the less
    If you’re anywhere’s near a bus line find out whether schedules are and where they go trying to go to the furthers destination have a sandwich cup of coffee and come back take a notepad with you you may see something that you like did you want to go back there and write it down (also ask the bus driver where this interesting places if you could go that are safe along the route)
    A lot of times during the winter there are a lot of craft and art shows in the local towns look on the Internet to find out when where the easiest way to get there
    Every Friday they put out a newspaper that has in it a TGIF ( thank God it’s Friday )look through that and see if there someplace you’d like to go that’s close
    As I said uber is cheaper than a taxi
    If there’s a hospital or a library our a Church shelter if you like to read to people that have poor eyesight volunteer??
    Is long as you exercise caution take some money and a fully charged cell phone with you maybe a bottle or two of water and sun or rain protection clothing sun cream unfortunately you’re doing it alone but at least you’re not sitting wondering and waiting
    And that’s only for starters
    I hate to say it that you need to get off your butt and start doing things for yourself
    Remember it’s your sanity not his
    But when you do enjoy your first day to the fullest

  4. Someday I’m going to sit down and proof read my text before I Press submit
    But I think the idea is clear

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