Oct 142011

Yesterday was one of those frustrating days when I just could not make any progress, no matter how hard I tried. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I started out by wading through the morning’s load of e-mails, including one from somebody who routinely sends me forwards, telling me it was very rude of me to complain in yesterday’s blog about people who send unwanted forwards, and that I should just delete them if I don’t want to read them and stop whining. I had a better idea, and now that person is banned from my e-mail list. 🙂

Greg White came over and spent a couple of hours getting the links on our Arizona Rally Registration Page working. Thanks, Greg, I really appreciate all of your help. We did all get a good laugh when, while Greg was sitting at my desk and leaning forward to read the HTML code on the screen, my cell phone rang. It was real quiet in the motorhome at the time, the phone was on the desk right under Greg, and its ring is pretty loud. I never knew a guy his size could jump that high from a sitting position! 🙂

It had been a gray, drizzly morning, and a little after noon it started to rain pretty steadily. In fact, it poured for a while, and Terry and I were glad that we didn’t have any place to be, and were snug and warm inside our home on wheels. I like days like that, when I can stay in my sweats and cozy Teepee Creepers slippers.

What I did not like were the computer problems that plagued us all day long. I still have not managed to replace all of my Windows-based computer software with comparable Mac software, and even though I also installed the Parallels program on my iMac, some of the software requires a second license to load it onto a new machine. So, for now, I am still using my old Dell to put the new issue of the Gypsy Journal together. Or, I should say, I am trying to. Yesterday the computer kept slowing down to sludge speed and locking up, and I had to reboot it several times.

To make things even more fun, we could not get online with our Verizon air card for several hours yesterday afternoon. We also could not connect with the campground’s three WiFi signals. This was on all of our computers, Macs and PCs alike. I needed to verify some information online for a story I was trying to finish, so I decided to try my iPad. I have the older AT&T unlimited data plan with the iPad, but every time I tried to get online, I got a message saying that I had exceeded my monthly data limit. Since I don’t have a limit, and since I have not even been online with the iPad in over two weeks, I knew that was nonsense. But when I tried to contact AT&T, I kept getting a message telling me to select my current data plan. However, none of those offered were my old unlimited plan. So as soon as I get some time, I’ll have to call and talk to the dweebs at AT&T customer service. I wonder if “Peggy” is working this week? 🙂

About 5:30 we left to go to King Wha for dinner with Greg and Jan. This is my favorite restaurant, and Helen, the owner, welcomed us back to town with hugs. As always, the food was exceptional, as was the company.

Back at home, my computer was just as slow, but at least it wasn’t locking up, so I managed to get a little work done on the paper. The rain continued all night, but the internet was working again, so at least I could get online to look up the info I needed, and to post a new Bad Nick Blog titled Freedom Of Speech. Hopefully, today I can make up for lost time and get a lot done on the paper.  

Thought For The Day  – Just because someone tells you that you can’t do something doesn’t mean you have to listen.

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  3 Responses to “1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Backward”

  1. Glad to see you banned that man from your e-mail. People who cannot respect another other person’s wishes and still wants to do what they want to do, will never stop. Your solution is the best!!!!

  2. Peggy’s not with AT&T anymore. She’s working for Sears now. I know because I talked to her for about an hour this morning. She told me that Sears was paying her more money. The also said that she misses you.

  3. Nick, Verizon is working on a merger and for some reason that is slowing down all computer access. It has been driving us crazy for a week now. It is supposed to be over some time next week. Add in the Blackberry issue, and it has been an electronic nightmare for us! Not sure why AT&T and the park wireless is not working, but that is the Verizon issue, as noted by the TV anchors who did a story on the slow down.

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