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Jun 172011

Apparently, something I ate Wednesday evening had onions in it, which I am very allergic to, and by the time we got home from the restaurant, I was sick. I had an absolutely miserable night, one of those nights where you wonder if surviving until daylight is really worth it. 🙁 I think I got a total of about two hours sleep, so all I really wanted to do was stay in bed all day yesterday. But our holding tanks were full, and we really needed to go to the RV dump station at the Chamber of Commerce office in Newport. And as long as we had to to get the motorhome ready to drive to the dump station, we might as well go on to Tillamook, our next stop. So that’s what we did.

We finished dumping, and were on the road at 11:15 a.m., for the 65 mile run north to the Elks lodge campground, which is actually six miles south of Tillamook. The section of U.S. Highway 101 between Newport and Lincoln City is really rough, with several places that caved in and were repaired, which left dips that really bounced us around. It’s not an easy stretch of road to travel in an RV, and between the rough spots, heavy traffic, and lots of curves, it’s not a fast road either.

Busy traffic

We passed some beautiful beaches, which are so common here along the Oregon coast, that we’ve almost stopped saying “ooh” and “ahh” around every bend in the road. Almost.

Beach view

Further north, the highway turned inland, and we drove through some pretty farm country.

Country backroad 101

It took us almost two hours to get to the campground, which is located in a nice grassy meadow, with level gravel full hookup RV sites with 30/50 amp electric, for $20/night.

Winnie Tillamook Elks 2

Once we were parked, we unhooked the Explorer and drove a few miles to Netarts, where our friends Orv and Nancy Hazelton were staying at a Passport America RV park. We spent an hour or two visiting with our friends, and I got my puppy fix tossing a ball for their little blue eyed mutt, Duffy. Duffy is a Sheltie, too little to be a real dog, but several steps up the food chain from a poodle.

We have reservations for two weeks at the Pacific City Thousand Trails, starting next week, and we wanted to drive over and check it out. The campground is a lot more open than the overgrown South Jetty, down in Florence was, but we drove all over the place and couldn’t get a good cell phone signal anywhere, which means that our Verizon air card probably wouldn’t work either. So we may have to go to Plan B. As soon as I decide what Plan B is.

We can handle being in a place for a week or two where our rooftop TV dish won’t lock on, but we must have internet access at our rig so we can take care of our business and I can post my blogs. Lugging a laptop up to a clubhouse to pick up a WiFi signal doesn’t work for us. Somebody wrote to suggest we just forget the blogs for a couple of weeks, but he doesn’t understand that this isn’t a hobby to us, it’s part of how we earn our living. The commissions we earn when somebody clicks on those little Google ads help contribute to our overall bottom  line. We’re working RVers, and this is our business. If we had a retail store, we couldn’t just close up for two weeks and expect our customers to be there waiting when we come back.

Terry and I were talking about the fact that we joined Thousand Trails primarily because of the campgrounds they have on the Oregon coast, and we’re finding that they don’t meet our needs. Fortunately, the Elks lodges have filled the bill. And we still don’t regret having the Thousand Trails membership, because there are a lot of preserves in other parts of the country that we really enjoy visiting. 

It’s been gray and chilly here on the coast, and we are really looking forward to it warming up so we can get our Sea Eagle kayaks wet. We don’t have the skills that make us comfortable taking them out into the ocean, even though the boats are more than capable of handling that kind of water, but there are plenty of rivers and lakes in this part of the country that are just inviting us to dip in our paddles.

Bad Nick’s been kind of quiet lately, but he’s back with a new Bad Nick Blog titled Has The Whole World Gone Nuts? Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Bad decisions make good stories.

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  10 Responses to “Trip To Tillamook”

  1. Try Devil’s Lake State Park in Lincoln City for some kayaking. Joyce and I will hosting there in August.

  2. Oh. Your past that. Pay attention Barry! LOL!!

  3. Sorry you got sick. Although it was highly recommended, we were underwhelmed by the restaurant we took you to, Tidal Raves in Depoe Bay.

    That same night our kids ate at Hole in the Wall, a Chinese restaurant in Newport that they said was excellent.

  4. Hey Nick,
    You seem to get really ‘lucky’ with the Elks lodge. What’s the terms for using those? Do you have to be an Elk member, etc?

  5. Mike and Cindy,
    Yes, you have to be a member of the Elks to take advantage of their overnight camping opportunities. Some lodges will alow you to stay if you are not a member, but are traveling with an Elks member.

  6. Nick. . . Duffy enjoyed helping you get you “Puppy fix” yesterday, and is glad that you consider him to be “up the food chain” from a mere poodle. However, he does request that you NOT adress him as a Sheltie as he is a full-fledged Miniture Australian Shepherd and has the papers to prove it! Next time you and Miss Terry visit, ‘Ole Blue Eyes states that you may rub his belly, shake his paw and he may even have a new trick to teach you. Bye the bye. . . Duffy respectfully requests that you might correct the spelling of his servants name from “Orville” to the correct “Orvil”. Here’s a cold nose at ya. . . . as always, Orvil Hazelton

  7. We are sorry the old onion got you again, hope that you feel better.

  8. Good luck on the warming up on the west coast all the time I was out there it was cold, misty and windy. Never got to swim in the ocean, but did walk a could of the beaches in my warm jacket.

  9. The Elks Lodge campground in Jackson, Michigan is open to the
    public and is very nice. Perhaps others around the country are doing
    the same. One could always check and see.

  10. We’re enjoying watching you wend your way towards WA State. I hope we can accomodate you with some balmy weather before you have to head east. Do visit Astoria, and don’t even LOOK at that bridge; If you go inland – up the Columbia 25 miles to the town of Westport OR (not WA) there’s a little open-deck ferry accross the Columbia to Cathlamet, WA. It’s a delightful, (relatively cheap) breezy ride with scenery you’ve never expected from your home on wheels. Who knows – It may be your only chance to treat our rig to a boat ride!

    Here’s a link to look at:

    Happy Oregon, happy seafood and scenery, and we hope to hear from you soon in Washington state.

    Bill and Annie in Olympia.

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