Sep 022020

We love getting off the interstate highways and taking the two-lane roads whenever we can. As I have said many times before, a Denny’s or a chain hotel at an interstate exit in Kansas is no different than one in Michigan or California. But the two-lane roads will take you to the real America. Small […]

And The Thunder Rolled

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Aug 242011

Miss Terry has been working in a mad frenzy, stuffing envelopes as fast as I can lug bundles of papers into the motorhome and carry the filled mailing tubs back out to the Explorer. I tell you, that girl never stops! I get tired just watching her work! We had visitors yesterday afternoon, and I […]

I Meet Pete

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Oct 102010

Yesterday morning somebody knocked on my door, and when I opened it, my worst fears were realized. It was time to meet Pete! I would have run out the back door, if we had a back door on our motorhome, or crawled out a window, if they made RV windows big enough to fit my […]

Oct 092010

I guess I’d better be careful who I pick on. In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about a fellow moving his motorhome with the awnings out and rooftop TV dish up. Yesterday morning one of our neighbors came by to tell us that she is a relatively new blog reader, and a friend of the man […]


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Oct 072010

We spent yesterday exploring Yorktown, where George Washington’s army, assisted by several thousand French soldiers, defeated the British in 1781, resulting in the end of the American Revolution, and independence for a new nation. Yorktown was established in 1691, and by the early 1700s, it was a busy shipping port. Strategically located at the mouth […]