Worm Woman

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Apr 012023

Our granddaughter Hailey is a horse girl. Whether it’s barrel racing, trail riding, or just tending to her horse Six, she is never happier than when she is around horses. We’ve all heard of cat ladies, right? I think we all have at least one aunt or spinster friend who is a cat lady, don’t […]

Dodged A Bullet

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Mar 262023

Thank you to everyone who sent emails and messages asking if we were safe from the storms that tore through our part of the country Friday night. We dodged a bullet because they changed course and went north of us, so all we got was some wind and rain. Unfortunately, there was a lot of […]

Mar 172023

Terry has gardening fever, and I blame it on our son Travis. I’ve told you before that Travis is an avid and successful gardener, and ever since we first looked at our property here in Alabama he’s been telling us about all the options we have for growing vegetables. That’s something Terry has always wanted […]