Anniversary Dinner

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Jan 212024

Even though our anniversary was on Tuesday, the 16th, Terry and I didn’t get around to going out for our anniversary dinner until yesterday, because earlier in the week it was just so darn cold and nasty, and a lot of the roads were icy. Since we spent our 25th anniversary last year moving from […]

Feb 092016

Or a kite flier. The wind has really been blowing here in Bushnell, Florida, and all over the central part of the state, according to the weather reports. Unfortunately, we’re not on a beach and we haven’t found any place big enough to fly our Revolution kites. Yet. But trust me, we will. Yesterday we went […]

Dec 032011

Yesterday was more of the same as I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. Yeah, I know, it’s just the same old story, day after day. The good news is that I should be done by the end of the weekend, and we may be able to start having fun again! This […]