It’s Terry’s Turn

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Feb 262020

As I wrote the other day, except for a persistent cough, I think I’m about over my cold. Now it’s Miss Terry’s turn. She has been fighting it off for several days now, but Monday night she started feeling bad, and by yesterday morning it had hit her hard. Having just experienced it myself, I […]

Feb 252020

I have always enjoyed driving and I usually do most of it when we are on a trip. But after this trip, I may never drive again. Back on February 8, I was getting tired when we were about 100 miles from Phoenix and Miss Terry took the wheel. She is an excellent driver, whether […]

U.S.S. Cairo

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Sep 122017

On a visit to Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi, we spent some time exploring the U.S.S. Cairo Gunboat and Museum and learned about the ill-fated Civil War ironclad gunboat. One of seven ironclad gunboats named in honor of towns along the upper Mississippi and Ohio rivers, the heavily armed U.S.S. Cairo was a formidable […]

Jul 142015

We love exploring America’s back roads and small towns and finding overlooked gems that the tourist brochures never cover. In a series of weekly blog posts we will be sharing some of America’s lesser-known small town museums, historic sites, and oddball attractions, on a state-by-state basis. We don’t have room to cover each and every […]

Looking Back At 2013

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Dec 312013

Where did the year go? They say that as we get older time goes faster, and I think that must be true, because it seems like 2013 flew past in a blur. Or maybe that was just because we have been so busy having fun exploring this great land of ours. We started the year […]


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Mar 142013

Terry and I both came down with a case of the crud Tuesday night and didn’t get much sleep. We had planned to get up and out early to play tourist here in Vicksburg, but that wasn’t happening. When the alarm went off we both decided we weren’t ready to face the day yet. Finally, […]

Not Exactly A Volcano

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Mar 132013

As always seems to happen the night before we start out on a trip, Terry and I didn’t sleep well, getting about four hours at best. We’d have loved to roll over and gone back to sleep when morning came, but we had to get a move on. We got the water and electric connections […]

Saying Goodbye

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Mar 122013

I’m glad we decided to stay put another day because yesterday was just miserable here in Tuscaloosa. The temperature dropped and it started raining hard during the middle of the night and the wind was unrelenting. About daylight the wind died down but it continued to pour until late afternoon. I was glad I had […]

Six Chihuahuas To Go

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Mar 012013

Okay, I have a confession to make. I know that I pick on French poodles a lot, because the only things French I like are fries, toast, and kisses. Not necessarily in that order. But the truth is, poodles are not my least favorite dogs. There are a couple of poodles I can even tolerate, […]

Westward Trip

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Feb 172013

If things keep on schedule with Terry’s dental work, we will probably leave Florida the end of the month and begin our westward trip, so I’ve been looking at the map and planning our tentative route. The most direct route is north on Interstate 75 to Interstate 10 and then follow that all the way […]