Friends And Family

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Nov 102013

No, I’m not about to launch into a Verizon commercial, but we’ve been spending a lot of time with our friends and family here in the Apache Junction area. Unfortunately, though we are trying to get to everybody we can, there just are not enough hours in the day and we have had to say […]

Well Done, Heartland

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Nov 072013

When some 50 employees at Heartland RV in Elkhart, Indiana were called off the job this week and told to report to the company’s main building, they must have wondered what was going on. Especially given the volatile RV market, which has had plenty of ups and downs in recent years. Even when you work […]

Oct 162013

I want to thank everybody who sent me birthday greetings, e-mails, and posted on the blog and Facebook. You all really made me feel special. But don’t ask me where the heck 61 years went, because I have no idea! I think it was only a few years ago I was getting my first drivers […]

VFW And Dish Update

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Feb 082013

I’m happy to report that after receiving calls and e-mails from many of my veteran friends after yesterday’s blog came out, Bob Greene, VFW Quartermaster General, asked me to call him. After we talked, he reversed his decision and we will still be able to publish our VFW camping guide. Thank you all for your […]