Cats In The Cradle

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Nov 162023

We were up early yesterday morning because we had to be at Western Alabama Animal Hospital in Carrollton by 7:30 to drop off BeeBee and Mai Lyn, Terry’s cats, to be spayed. They are both indoor cats, so we’re not worried about them having kittens, but BeeBee has been in heat twice now and it’s […]

Get Ready

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Aug 122023

We picked Alli up at the veterinarian’s yesterday morning. This was the first time we had boarded her, and she sure was happy to see us. Since she is a rescue that had been through at least two other homes before we got her, I was afraid she might think she had been abandoned again. […]

First Bath

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Jul 092023

Ever since we brought her home Alli has spent a lot of time scratching and licking herself all over. Our first thought was that it might be fleas, but the day after we got her, we took her to West Alabama Animal Hospital to be checked out and get her shots, and among the things […]

Jul 072023

Yesterday afternoon we took Alli back to West Alabama Animal Hospital in Carrollton to get her stitches out from being spayed Tuesday of last week. I was curious about how she would react going back to the veterinarian’s after that procedure because I have known some dogs that really resist making a return trip for […]

Jun 282023

Yesterday morning we were up very early, or at least early for us, and on the go all day. The alarm went off at 6 AM, and by 7:15 we were out the door. Our first stop was at West Alabama Animal Hospital in Carrollton to have Alli spayed. Doctor Lowe and his staff there […]