I Miss Daylight

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Jan 042024

Do you hate daylight savings time as much as I do? Have you ever met anybody that actually likes it? I don’t think I ever have. What’s the point, anyway? It gets lighter earlier, but everybody has to drive home from work in the dark. Yeah, great idea. It doesn’t help that it’s been cold […]

I Fixed Nothing!

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Sep 252023

After a week spent building a shooting range and fixing things around here, I decided I’d better stop that nonsense. Some of my friends are asking who this imposter is and what happened to the real Nick. So the only thing I did along those lines yesterday was go down and check the tire on […]

Some Blood Was Shed

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Sep 242023

I had such good luck taking off and remounting the tire on my Kubota tractor on Friday that I decided to tackle a similar but much smaller job yesterday. One of the rear tires on the Husqvarna riding lawn mower had a slow leak and would go down between uses. If I can handle a […]

Tractor Challenged

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Sep 222023

I always tell people that I am not short, I’m vertically challenged. However, I make up for that by being horizontally enhanced. But as it turns out, I’m also tractor challenged. Yesterday I went to Tuscaloosa Tractor and picked up the new lower adjuster arm for my Kubota’s three-point hitch. Before I left the house, […]

Range Backstop Day 2

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Sep 212023

Yesterday Travis and I worked on the backstop for the shooting range for several hours and have pretty much got it completed. The first step was to put one more railroad tie on top of the front row of ties, then we used 2x4s and lag screws to secure all three stacks of ties together. […]

Aug 282023

After what seems like weeks of absolutely brutal heat, it looks like we’re in for a break in the weather at least for a little while. Instead of being in the high 90s to the triple digits, we’re supposed to see the upper 80s this week. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but every little […]

Queen Of The Kitchen

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Aug 272023

There’s an old saying that a man is king of his castle, and while that may be true for some men, I’ve always kind of thought of myself as the court jester more than anything else. But there’s definitely a queen in my house, and we all know that’s Miss Terry, Queen of the Kitchen. […]

Old And On The Go

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Aug 252023

We hit the ground running yesterday morning and it felt like we didn’t stop all day long. I guess that’s because we didn’t stop all day long. Our day started with a visit from Scott and Alan from Banks Construction, the father and son team that built our deck last month. This time they were […]

A Few More Days

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Aug 242023

If the weatherman is to be believed, we should have a few more days of this blistering hot weather with triple-digit temperatures and high humidity before things start to break on Monday or Tuesday. He says that early next week we will see the 80s again, and possibly some rain. I can’t wait. I am […]

A Hot Harvest

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Jul 012023

The temperature here in west central Alabama has been miserably hot this week. The last few days have been in the upper 90s with a heat index of anywhere from 105 to 110 degrees. Yesterday afternoon I had to go out to the garage for something, and the thermometer in there said it was 102 […]

Animal Update

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Jun 292023

Alli is recovering well from her procedure Tuesday and is pretty much back to herself again. If anything, the most difficult part of it is keeping her still. She is a very active dog who loves to chase a ball or her Kong Flyer frisbee and to romp around the house with Beebee, Terry’s black […]

Sep 242018

Wow, I was really surprised by how much feedback I got from yesterday’s blog when I asked about readers’ experiences using Airbnb instead of staying in motels or hotels. Between blog comments, emails, and Facebook messages, over 30 of you responded, and everybody seemed to be very pleased with the places they have stayed using […]