Oct 302023

Jim Summers, my favorite teacher in high school, always told his students that we should set a goal to learn something new every day. It didn’t have to be anything as complicated as quantum physics, it could be as simple as a bit of trivia or history, or how to do something we didn’t know […]

A Great Birthday

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Oct 162023

Thank you everybody for the many birthday wishes that arrived by e-mail, text message, blog comments, and on Facebook yesterday. You made this old fart’s heart feel good. I have no idea how I made it to 71, considering I still have the metal maturity of about a 12-year-old on a playground. Terry went out […]

Oct 152023

There is no other way to describe the sound coming from my house this week than caterwauling. BeeBee, Terry’s black cat, is seven months old and in heat, and she’s letting everybody know all about it! We wanted to get both of the cats spayed right after we got them, but the vet wanted to […]

Lesson Learned

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Oct 142023

Since we moved here in January we have found a couple of good Mexican restaurants, two good Chinese places, two seafood places we enjoy, and on Thursday we found a good Chinese buffet not too far away in Columbus, Mississippi. But we still hadn’t had much luck finding good pizza. Yesterday we checked out Broadway […]

November Q&A

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Nov 122022

How about some questions from blog readers to start your weekend? Q. We found what seems to be a good deal on a 2003 Alfa See Ya diesel pusher motorhome. The interior looks almost new, but the exterior has what I can only describe as large pimples all over both sides. I asked the saleswoman […]