Puppy Pedicure

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May 112024

As I said in yesterday’s blog, we lost power Thursday evening during a heavy thunderstorm. The storm let up after a few hours, but sometime around midnight we got hit again, with rain pounding down on the roof, and lots of thunder and lightning. Through it all, our Generac whole house generator did just fine, […]

Jan 102024

In yesterday’s blog I told you about how hard Terry worked closing in one end of the area under our office in time to beat the storm that was coming Monday evening, and how we (mostly she) got the job done just about the time the raindrops started to fall. But we weren’t the only […]

She Beat The Storm

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Jan 092024

We knew we had a big storm coming in last night, with a lot of rain, and wind gusts up to 50 mph predicted. We wanted to get at least the large open end of the area under our office enclosed before that hit to keep the plastic vapor barrier on the ground from getting […]

Really Good Seafood!

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Aug 042023

Yesterday afternoon Terry had an appointment with Southern Eye Consultants in Tuscaloosa to have plugs put in her eyes. This is something she has to have done every few months because she has severe dry eyes that no drops, even ones by prescription, can relieve. This was her first time there and she was very […]

First Bath

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Jul 092023

Ever since we brought her home Alli has spent a lot of time scratching and licking herself all over. Our first thought was that it might be fleas, but the day after we got her, we took her to West Alabama Animal Hospital to be checked out and get her shots, and among the things […]

We Love The Water

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Oct 292021

Yesterday was a rough day here on the central Florida coast, with lots of rain and wind, thunder and lightning, and even a tornado warning. At one point a funnel cloud was spotted about five miles from our house, but fortunately it didn’t touch down. All in all, it was a good day to stay home […]