Calendar Challenged

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Jun 132024

I always tell people that I’m not short and fat, I’m  vertically challenged and horizontally enhanced. But it turns out I might also be calendar challenged, because today is Thursday. Which is the day I normally start our weekly free blog drawings. But in yesterday’s (Wednesday) blog, I said it was Thursday and started the […]

We Already Knew That

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Jun 102024

Thank you to the people who made blog comments, wrote on Facebook, or sent me e-mails hoping my eye was going to be okay and there was no serious damage to it after I poked it with the pair of scissors on Friday. By the time I woke up yesterday, it was still very red […]

Jun 082024

Terry had an appointment in Tuscaloosa yesterday to get a CT scan of her spine from the lower back up to the neck to determine the best course of action to alleviate some of her pain. Once her doctor at the Spine Center reviews the images, we will know more. A lot of late model […]