Measuring Up

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Nov 222023

When it comes to being able to do manly things like using tools, home or auto maintenance, or repairing something, I will be the first to admit that I do not measure up. I never have had any kind of mechanical ability. I remember when I first got my first car, one of the “cool” […]

Saved Some Money

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Aug 212017

Anybody who knows me, or who has ever read this blog or the Gypsy Journal for very long knows that I am about the most un-handy man in the world. Seriously, if you ever see me with a tool in my hand, take it away quickly and scold me before I get into trouble. Because left […]

I Love My Techies!

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Dec 102012

When I was a teenage driver with my very first car, an old beater I think I paid $50 for, I spent more time trying to keep it running than I ever did behind the wheel. (Even back then, $50 didn’t get you much of a car.) And even back then, I could break something […]