I’m Not Just Anybody

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Jun 092024

My wife and children, and anybody who knows me well, never feel uncomfortable when I’m handling or using firearms. That’s probably because I grew up shooting, and basic gun safety was drilled into me from the time I could understand the English language. Between being a lifelong shooter and my time as a firearms instructor […]

Storm? What Storm?

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Jun 052024

While we have been fortunate not to be hit with any of the terrible weather that Texas and the Midwest have been experiencing lately, for the next week or so we are supposed to have some thunderstorms. A big one came through yesterday evening, with driving rain and lots of thunder and lightning, knocking the […]

Oct 222023

Our son Travis came over yesterday to help me change the blades on my Kubota tractor’s mid-mount mower. What was supposed to be an easy job proved a bit difficult starting out, but we got it done. Well, almost. We started out by jacking the front end of the tractor up and putting jack stands […]

Sep 242015

It’s very often true that you get what you pay for. Sometimes when you make a purchase, it’s better to spend a little money up front for value that will last you a long time. A good example is Tilley hats. The first time I saw one I thought that they were a waste of […]