Nov 012023

On a trip to Columbus, Mississippi a couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of old steel wagon wheels from a cool little shop called Quirky Antiques. I wanted to put them at the end of the driveway, and while Travis was here the other day helping me with the tractor, we decided to […]


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Oct 282023

Here is my version of the old Mastercard ads we all used to see on television. House on 8 acres in the country – $319K High tech Garrett metal detector – $569 Bear Legit compound bow – $459 Finding the $6 arrow you lost in the grass – Priceless I said in a blog post […]

A Lot To Get Done

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Oct 012023

We went out on the deck last night and there was a beautiful moon lighting up the place. It’s so nice and relaxing sitting out there, throwing a ball for Alli, and just hanging out together. And as beautiful as the moon was, this wonderful lady made it pale in comparison. Our dear friends and […]

Aug 292023

On Wednesday night of last week Terry started feeling bad, with body aches and pains, and she wasn’t able to sleep well. By Thursday night it hit her pretty hard, and ever since then the poor lady has been miserable. She’s had a temperature of as much as 102o, says she feels like she is […]

Sometime This Evening

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Aug 132023

Yesterday Terry was busy doing a final editing on my new book, Big Lake Assault, tightening the plot a bit here and there and looking for anything that might have slipped past the several stages of proofreading. While she was doing that, I was making her last-minute corrections and changes. We will finish today, and […]

Apr 282023

It rained hard Wednesday night, but we didn’t get the strong thunderstorms that were predicted for yesterday. I guess that was just as well because the ground was already saturated from the night before. Then, a little after dark last night, it started raining again, off and on. Our son Travis was going to come […]