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Jan 242024

Yesterday was a good writing day for me, working on Big Lake Accident, which will be the 24th book in my Big Lake small town mystery series. I was able to get another chapter done, and then more than half of a second chapter, for a total of about 3,500 words. Not my most prolific […]

Back To Big Lake

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Jan 032024

It was 32° outside when we got into the hot tub last night. Some people might think that’s insane, but it’s actually very comfortable the minute you step into the water. And since it’s only three steps from the tub to our bedroom door, we don’t have time to get cold when we get out […]

Here I Go Again

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Apr 272020

What you do when you’re a self-quarantining author and your new book came out on Thursday? If you are me, you sit around for a couple of days playing catch-up with other duties like e-mail and such. Then you jump right back into it on Sunday with a new book project, and that’s just what […]