Another Busy Day

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Feb 102013

Here at the Orlando Thousand Trails we are close to all kinds of major attractions, including Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, sports arenas, and a host of other fun places. This is our third or fourth winter here and we haven’t been to one of them. But that doesn’t mean we ever get bored. […]

Apr 152010

Today is a very special day. 28 years ago today, my daughter Tiffany was born, and my world has been a much brighter place since then. Of course, being my daughter, Tiffany had to make her entrance into the world in a memorable way. I owned a weekly newspaper in Grays Harbor, Washington at the […]

Apr 032009

When last we left our erstwhile young RVers, they were in Kingman, Arizona, trying to decide whether to hang around while a windstorm came through the area, or to head over to Show Low ahead of the bad weather, so they could spoil grandkids beyond redemption. We decided yesterday morning that we’d go ahead and […]

Feb 222009

We spent yesterday with my daughter and her family at Sea World in San Diego, and as expected, those two grandkids of mine ran all four of us adults ragged, and still had energy to spare! Don’t let those oil company clowns fool you, there is no energy crisis. All we need to do is […]

Feb 212009

We sure had fun yesterday! My daughter Tiffany and her family are visiting San Diego, and yesterday morning we went to meet them at La Jolla Cove, which has to be one of the prettiest pieces of coastline in the world. I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for most of southern California, but scenes […]

Road Trip

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Feb 202009

We’re on a road trip. Yesterday we left the bus in Tucson and drove the van to Gila Bend, where we stopped to visit with Ron Brundage at RV Sat-Link. I have grown tired of fooling around with our tripod TV dish and wanted to see one of the new VuQube portable satellite TV dishes […]