Critter Scammers

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May 202023

I got a lot of response to yesterday’s blog about maybe getting a pet or two, in blog comments, comments on Facebook, and some emails. The consensus seems to be that we will know when the right animal(s) comes along, and Terry and I both feel that way. It’s no secret that there are a […]

Beware Of Scammers

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Jan 262022

I received a letter yesterday from the “Property Records Office,” but with a Tampa return address on the other side of the state. It instructed me to send $89 to receive the deed to my house. Not sure what that was about, I called the Volusia County Records office and was told by a clerk […]

Scammers Everywhere

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Dec 122017

Scammers and con artists seem to be out in force this holiday season and every time I turn around I hear about a new one. Folks, you can never be too vigilant. When someone starts giving you a line of crap, listen to that little voice in your head, not to their spiel. I got an […]