We Share Everything

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Nov 062020

I have said many times that Terry and I are best friends, and we have a wonderful marriage. We have so many things in common – we like the same kind of music, we enjoy many of the same things, from traveling and kayaking and flying kites to collecting antiques. We like reading, we both […]

Another Great Man Gone

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Mar 162012

We received the terrible news yesterday that our friend Mike Steffen, who was a fellow instructor at Life on Wheels, was killed Monday, in Salt Flat, Texas. Mike was a volunteer with the county’s volunteer emergency services and his wife Pam said that he was responding to a request for help from the local ambulance […]

Jan 062010

We said a reluctant goodbye to Mike Steffen and left his place in Salt Flat, Texas a little after 9 a.m. yesterday morning, headed west on U.S. Highway 180. It’s always good to see our friends, and always hard to leave. But, the good thing about the RV lifestyle is that we can always go […]

Jan 052010

Terry and I have been dry camping at Mike and Pam Steffen’s place in Salt Flat, Texas for a couple of days, swapping lies, playing with their herd of dogs, target shooting, and admiring the star filled sky above us at night. In another life, that would be called goofing off, but in the laid […]

Jan 022010

What better way to start the New Year than spending it with good friends? Yesterday Greg and Jan White drove over from Friendswood, Texas, south of Houston, to spend the day with us. What a treat! We last saw this fun couple exactly two months ago, when we left Elkhart Campground on November 1st. Greg […]

Jan 132009

We spent two nights at Mike and Pam Steffen’s place in Salt Flat, Texas, enjoying their hospitality, scratching their dogs’ ears, and telling lies. It was a nice visit.   We’ve known Mike and Pam ever since we started fulltiming almost ten years ago. In our first month on the road we attended Life on […]

Salt Flat Texas

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Jan 112009

We’ve been in a lot of RV parks over the years, from upscale resorts with every amenity you could imagine, to mom and pop places where they call you by name and tell you about their grandkids as you check in. But I don’t think we have ever been to one as nasty as Parkview […]