We Broke Grandpa!

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May 182013

We managed a day and a half plugged into the 30 amp outlet on the pedestal for the unoccupied RV site behind us, and then yesterday it started tripping over and over again, even though we had 120 volts and were only drawing eighteen amps. When I went out to reset it, the breaker was […]

Apr 172013

Since we were moving less than six miles yesterday, we figured it would be an easy morning. Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen! I did my usual walk around the motorhome that I do every day when we’re traveling. Even though it was a short drive, it’s always a good idea, to be sure […]

Sep 032009

It’s okay if you find yourself humming the tune to Maria’s song from The Sound of Music, given today’s blog title. But I thought I’d share some of my favorite things in the RV lifestyle, from my favorite truckstop to my favorite campground, to name just a few, and why they rate so high with […]

Aug 012009

Living on limited electric power seems to be a major concern for many RVers, and I have never understood why. Time and time again I have had people ask when registering for our Gypsy Gathering rallies if we will have 50 amp power available. When I tell them that (depending on the location) we will […]