Rocky Mountain High

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Jun 232013

Terry and I were both humming the tune to John Denver’s ode to the Colorado Rockies yesterday as we drove 110 miles west to Avon, in the heart of the state’s high mountain playground, to visit with her twin sons Casey and Cody and their families. The first views of the snowcapped mountains as you […]

A Short One

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Mar 262013

No, not me, though I am a short one too. But the title refers to the fact that today’s blog will be shorter than usual. Almost every day for the last seven or eight years I have written a blog that ranged from about 500 to over 1,000 words. But I’ve been so busy working […]

Aug 312010

Somebody please note for future reference that I was up and outside of our motorhome before the sun was up Monday morning. While that may not be quite as momentous an occasion as when man first walked on the moon, in the little universe that revolves around me, it’s pretty darned close! Miss Terry and […]