Playing Catch Up

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May 312017

I had hoped to get some work done in my new book yesterday but it wasn’t in the cards. Instead, I spent most of the day playing catch up on the emails and messages and other things that I had put off while Travis and Geli were here. I must have had a dozen emails […]

RV Fuel Prices

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Dec 202014

I don’t think any of us are sorry to see fuel prices getting lower and lower these days. Gasoline here in the Orlando area is averaging about $2.45 a gallon and we saw diesel for $3.11 the other day. I wouldn’t complain a bit if they stabilized right where they are for the next decade […]

Feb 202013

We spent the three day weekend at home, getting the last of the new issue of the Gypsy Journal ready to mail out, writing, and trying to avoid the cold weather. So yesterday it was time to get out and about for a while. Our first stop was the post office in Wildwood to drop […]

A Windy Trip

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Oct 312012

After sad goodbyes and lots of hugs with Greg and Jan, we pulled out of Hardeeville RV Park at 10 AM yesterday morning, headed for Florida. The weather report predicted winds picking up in the afternoon, but since we only had a four hour run to St. Augustine we decided to go for it. Within […]