Rules? What Rules?

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Aug 192015

What part of “Burn Ban In Effect” don’t people understand? Some folks in overflow here at the Long Beach Thousand Trails preserve had a barbecue or something going yesterday and there was a big patch of burned grass about 10×10 feet next to their rig Monday. Yesterday afternoon they had the barbecue going again, along […]

Something In The Air

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Aug 182015

There is something in the air here at Long Beach, Washington that is putting a smile on everybody’s lips, and there is laughter everywhere you go. It’s kites! Hundreds and hundreds of colorful kites.   Big kites, small kites, kites that go so fast that they make the air buzz, and kites that float lazily […]

Dancing In The Wind

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Aug 212013

For years I’ve wanted to see the Kite Festival here in Long Beach, and it was by pure dumb luck that our visit happened to coincide with the annual event, which draws thousands of kite fliers from all over the world. This year’s festival runs from Monday through Sunday, with all kinds of special events […]