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Jul 072024

That’s about the only word for me in the last couple of days. My back has flared up and it’s giving me a lot of discomfort. I am back to the point where I’m using my cane again. I am scheduled to have my RF ablation August 8th and I really hope it helps. In […]

We Already Knew That

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Jun 102024

Thank you to the people who made blog comments, wrote on Facebook, or sent me e-mails hoping my eye was going to be okay and there was no serious damage to it after I poked it with the pair of scissors on Friday. By the time I woke up yesterday, it was still very red […]

Worn Out

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Aug 172022

Neither Terry nor I slept well Monday night, both of us waking up repeatedly, her with stomach issues and me with back pain. It’s obvious to me that the RF ablation procedures I had done in June did not do any good this time around, which is a disappointment because they were so successful three […]