Being A Wimp

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May 162024

I’ve spent a lot of time being a wimp over the last couple of weeks. My old back injury has flared up big time, which really brings out the whiner in me. I’m sure poor Miss Terry is tired of hearing me say ouch and moaning every time I move, bend over, or try to […]

Well That Sucked

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May 102024

Overall, we live a blessed life. We have a nice home, some critters we adore, friends and family we love, and a wonderful marriage. But even in the best of lives, some days are going to suck. Yesterday was a good example. Terry had not been feeling great for several days and my back had […]

Jul 032020

For as long as I can remember the media has been accused of being dishonest, corrupt, and no more than a purveyor of lies. Especially when they report a story that offends a reader’s political or religious leanings. But the reality is that most small town newspapers have always strived to serve their communities by […]