May 102012

Miss Terry spent all day yesterday working on the backlog of paperwork we have been trying to get through, while I helped as much as I could. I really hate dealing with this end of our business. It’s all work and no fun at all. But I think we are seeing a faint glimmer of […]

May 312010

We spent the day yesterday with our friends Jim and Shar Lewis, who had invited us to their beautiful home in Pinetop for dinner and a visit. It was a great day, with the comfort that old friends of many years just naturally share. There are two or three men in this world that I […]

Nov 202009

All RVers love food, and one of the great things about the fulltime RV lifestyle is the opportunity to try the local fare at the restaurants wherever we are traveling. So I was surprised when a fulltiming couple I met a while back told me that they never eat anywhere except chain restaurants. “That way […]