Talking Trash

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Apr 042024

Like a lot of people in this part of rural Alabama, we have a burn barrel to get rid of cardboard and paper and such, but I would much rather do the world a favor and recycle anything I can. However, that’s a concept that seems to be foreign to Pickens County. Residents are required […]


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Feb 172023

Most of the western side of Alabama was under severe storm watches yesterday, including here in Pickens County. There was a tornado watch in effect from noon until 8 p.m., but thankfully, all we got was some rain. Like we needed more rain, right? Travis and Geli came over to be near our tornado shelter, […]

It’s About Time

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Jan 292023

I believe that Terry and I are finally starting to recover from the colds that laid us low for over a week. It’s certainly about time, because feeling sick and miserable while trying to get unpacked and settled into our new home has been no fun at all. We still have some congestion and do […]