From Cold To Cacti

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Oct 312013

We woke up early yesterday morning to the delightful sense of our motorhome not rocking in the wind. The storm that had brought those terrible gusts to northern Arizona had moved on eastward into New Mexico, and though the sky was cloudy and the air was cold, we knew we’d have good traveling weather. For […]

Love That Jello

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May 042012

Fulltime RVers always say that our plans are written in Jello. That’s because we know life happens and you have to be flexible and take what comes as it comes. We love that Jello feeling, because it sure has helped us this week. We originally thought we would only be here at Redlands Truck & […]

Busy, Busy

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Apr 102012

Yesterday morning started with a telephone call from Rob Gambol from Redlands Truck & RV Performance Center, confirming that he will be here tomorrow morning to install the new PacBrake on our motorhome. Rob is going to be in the area for an Alfa rally and is stopping to do our installation so we don’t […]