Nov 092023

Terry’s parents had to be at the airport in Birmingham by 8:15 yesterday morning to check in for their 10:15 flight. The GPS says it’s about a 90-minute trip but we always believe in giving ourselves some buffer, especially when we might be running into rush hour traffic. It’s always better to be early than […]

A Whirlwind Day

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Oct 052023

Our good friends and former neighbors from Florida, Jesse and Jennifer, are arriving today for a short visit, which means that yesterday was a whirlwind day of last minute preparations. While Terry was doing some vacuuming and getting things ready inside the house, I used a leaf blower to clear some of the accumulated leaves […]

Shade And Screen

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Jun 132023

We are supposed to have a lot of rain later this week, so we took advantage of a good day yesterday to get a couple of outside projects done. The first was putting a shade cover over the top of the 10×10 foot outdoor kennel we put up last week for Alli. I originally thought […]