Aug 052012

We have had a good time visiting New England and seen some awesome places while we’ve been here. But our time is about up for this visit and I thought I would share my perspective on this part of the county from an RVer’s point of view. First of all, if you come to this […]

Jul 112012

We’re getting down to the wire on our time here at Elkhart Campground. We have a reservation at the Gateway to Cape Cod Outdoor World Resort in Rochester, Massachusetts beginning on the 16th. It’s a little over 900 miles from here to there, so we will probably leave on Friday to start making our way […]

Done For Another Issue

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Jun 242012

Miss Terry has been working almost nonstop since Friday night, and yesterday evening she finished stuffing envelopes. Today we’ll be dropping off a huge truckload of Gypsy Journals at the commercial mail service in South Bend and at the post office so they can start making their way to our subscribers all over the country. […]