Mar 122024

I messed up yesterday and it could have been a disaster. But fortunately, Lady Luck gave me a break that I didn’t really deserve. I wanted to use my Kubota tractor’s belly motor to cut some weeds next to the barn, and I thought I had walked through that area well enough to make sure […]

It’s Done!

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Jul 012019

As I had hoped, I finished my new book, Big Lake Ninja, yesterday afternoon. I started it on May 1st and finished June 30, exactly two months later. It might have been done sooner but we took a week or so off to visit my son and his wife in Alabama during that time. You […]

Feb 042017

Sometimes I get questions about our weekly free drawings so I thought I would answer some of them here today. Quite a few people want to know how I pick the winners every week and how they can increase their chances of winning. I don’t pick the winners. I use a free website called […]