Oct 262023

We had to go into town yesterday to get several things done, the first being to stop at Tuscaloosa Tractor to pick up the three-point hitch adjusting arm I had on order. As I said in a blog post the other day, our friend Justin Abrams was able to fix the one I have now, […]

It Takes A Country Boy

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Oct 182023

Last month one of the adjuster arms for my Kubota tractor’s three-point hitch bent and got cross-threaded and I had to order a replacement. I’m not sure what I did, but I managed to somehow do the same thing to the new one in the last few days. So it was back to calling Tuscaloosa […]

A Great Birthday

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Oct 162023

Thank you everybody for the many birthday wishes that arrived by e-mail, text message, blog comments, and on Facebook yesterday. You made this old fart’s heart feel good. I have no idea how I made it to 71, considering I still have the metal maturity of about a 12-year-old on a playground. Terry went out […]

Travis To The Rescue

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Oct 032023

We have come to realize that we didn’t so much stain the deck the other day as painted it with stain. Even yesterday evening it was still tacky in some spots. We live and learn. A blog reader said that we should have been wearing a respirator when using the spray gun, and after reading […]

So Cold It Burns

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Sep 282023

Years ago I spent a terrible winter living in Minnesota, and I realized that you have to give a lot of credit to the Swedes and Norwegians who settled that wild country back in the old days. These are people who got on wooden ships and used crude navigation tools to get across a treacherous […]

Tractor Challenged

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Sep 222023

I always tell people that I am not short, I’m vertically challenged. However, I make up for that by being horizontally enhanced. But as it turns out, I’m also tractor challenged. Yesterday I went to Tuscaloosa Tractor and picked up the new lower adjuster arm for my Kubota’s three-point hitch. Before I left the house, […]