Less Than I Expected

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Feb 232024

According to Kubota’s specifications, a new tractor should have its first service at 50 hours. That service includes oil change, lube job, fuel, air and oil filters, checking and adjusting valves if needed, and a thorough inspection. We have had so much going on that I goofed and didn’t realize I was at 71 hours […]

Having A Good Visit

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Nov 062023

We are having a good visit with Terry’s parents, Pete and Bess Weber, but their week here is going by way too fast. The three of them have had a good time reminiscing about the good old days and all of the adventures and misadventures Terry and her two sisters got into growing up. Like […]

Travis To The Rescue

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Oct 032023

We have come to realize that we didn’t so much stain the deck the other day as painted it with stain. Even yesterday evening it was still tacky in some spots. We live and learn. A blog reader said that we should have been wearing a respirator when using the spray gun, and after reading […]

Sep 232023

As I said in yesterday’s blog, while I was mowing in the back part of our property on Friday, I had what I thought was a blowout on the right rear tire of my Kubota tractor. I was hoping the tire could be repaired instead of having to buy a new one. But as it […]

On To Another Project

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Sep 042023

I spent a couple of hours yesterday removing the shredded deer fence that didn’t stand up to the elements and pulling up the last of the T-posts from around the fruit trees. All but two of them came out fairly easily, but those two that didn’t were darned difficult! It took a lot of pushing […]

Tractor Time

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Aug 302023

Before I do anything else today, I want to thank everybody who posted messages, made blog comments, or sent me emails wishing Miss Terry a speedy recovery. I’d like to say that she’s feeling much better today, but I would be lying to you. She still has the severe headache and the body aches and […]

Pulling Up Stakes

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May 312023

Well, actually fence posts, but they are metal stakes, so that counts, doesn’t it? Yesterday Travis and Gila came over and spent much of the afternoon taking down the fence posts along the north perimeter road. We don’t need the fence because we don’t plan to have any livestock, and they could use the posts […]

Apr 112023

We had a nice sunny day yesterday so we took advantage of it to get a lot of work done outside. First thing in the morning I picked up our son Travis at his place and brought him back to ours to work on several projects. The first order of business was to take down […]