Not As Hot As Forecast

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Jun 012024

As often happens, the weatherman was wrong in the forecast for yesterday. He said it would be 88° but it didn’t get that hot, so I managed to get some mowing in during the afternoon. It’s a never-ending task as fast as the grass grows around here. Terry was going to mow the grass in […]

Mar 122024

I messed up yesterday and it could have been a disaster. But fortunately, Lady Luck gave me a break that I didn’t really deserve. I wanted to use my Kubota tractor’s belly motor to cut some weeds next to the barn, and I thought I had walked through that area well enough to make sure […]

Oct 222023

Our son Travis came over yesterday to help me change the blades on my Kubota tractor’s mid-mount mower. What was supposed to be an easy job proved a bit difficult starting out, but we got it done. Well, almost. We started out by jacking the front end of the tractor up and putting jack stands […]

Oct 212023

In a blog post the other day I told you that when clearing some brush at our son’s house, I whacked a stump with the blade of my Kubota tractor’s mid-mount mower and bent it. As it turns out, there are actually three blades in the mid-mount mower, and it’s best to replace all three […]